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Stages of the Spring Break Sunburn

Spring has offically sprung! Finally, we get to have an extra hour of daylight and a much needed Spring Break. Along with those long days of fun in the sun comes the potential for some nasty sunburns. I have chronicled the evolution of the Spring Break sunburn for you, in hopes that you remember the pain and avoid making the same mistake this year.


Sunblock? No time for that.  Besides it’s not even that sunny. I will be totally fine!


Why do I feel so itchy? Ouch, why is my skin tingly? Oh my goodness, nooo…


It’s just a base tan. Everyone knows that a good burn is the beginning of the best tan of your life.


I didn’t know my skin was capable of turning this red. When will it end?


I am officially dying. I feel like I have taken a bath in Sriracha. Someone please…help.


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