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No matter how much we whine and no matter how much we beg, the weather in Central Florida will forever be #bipolar. You know what I mean, we’ve all been mislead by that blazing morning sunshine to then find ourselves in an outright downpour that only lasted 5 minutes but managed to ruin an entire outfit. We’re constantly suffering mothernature’s untimely time of the month, so naturally a girl must compromise. 

I cannot even begin to explain the joy I felt when freshman Whittney Kirchman and I crossed paths in the midst of one of Florida’s personality disorders. Simply put, it was fate. Channeling her inner Kylie Jenner, she effortlessly pulled off this edgy spring look. 

Her graphic tee shows off not only a fiercely roaring tiger, but also features golden shouldered spikes subtle enough to add a little extra punch. A bold tee paired with a frayed laced hem quickly transforms this edgy statement into a more bohemian look. Not to mention her flowy floral kimono cardigan pulls the whole outfit together into one cohesive spring look with a kick. 

(Side note: If you’re looking to score a chic little kimono check some out here)

Speaking of kicks, remember those untimely downpours? Don on a pair of combat boots and splash away all day. You’ll be able to tackle just about anything: puddles, wet grass, soggy gum (ew) you name it! Fix these up with a cute feminine bottom like Whittney, a flowy top and voila! Effortless perfection. 

Something told me this girl knew how to dress when I spotted her dainty, yet rocking accesories. Thin gold knuckle rings along a thing gold bangle, a black wrap around bracelet embellished with tiny skulls, and round Yoko Ono sunglasses shows Whittney can’t be phased as spring comes knocking on our doorstep. 

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