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Spice up your Study Life: Tips and Tricks for Studying

Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat. As much as we despise this rigorous task, studying is a part of every collegiette’s lifestyle. Long days memorizing your math formulas; cramming in every definition for a history test while at the library – there must be a better way to deal with it. Ever thought of spicing up your study life? Now, I’m not saying studying will essentially be exciting, but taking these tips might help to make the dreadful task a little more enjoyable and open up your eyes to new, easier and more manageable ways to get your learning on without feeling burdened by books. Here are a few tips and tricks:

Reward yourself.
I know it seems silly, but for every page you read or every 10 flashcards you study, reward yourself! For example, have some M&Ms or go on Facebook for a minute or two (make sure your two minutes doesn’t turn into twenty). Doing this will make the task of studying seem less painful and a little more pleasing.

Learn the best way for you to study.

Do you know if you’re an auditory or visual learner? Or maybe a little bit of both? Finding your studying niche is crucial and can assist in getting you that A on your test. Don’t know what way helps you study best? Try out different techniques and see what suits you best. Read your notes out loud to yourself (not in the library, you’ll get the stink eye!) or find pictures that trigger remembering certain information. If you want to go above and beyond the usual studying, you can search the web and find videos that correlate with your topic.

Rest on it; wake up early.

When you’re getting your last minute studying done and it’s getting into the wee hours of the night, stop what you’re doing for a second and try to go over the last few pages you read. Can you remember what they were about? If not, steer clear of studying for a while and sleep. I know what you’re thinking, “Well I have to get this studying done; my test is tomorrow and I need to read more!” Well, I’m telling you now, when studying this late, your brain is comparable to mush and won’t store any of this information. It’s much better to go to bed, get some Z’s, and instead wake up early to study. Your mind we’ll be fresh in the morning after a good night’s sleep.

Get out and explore.
Find up to three different studying areas other than the library and your house. Scientists have proven that switching up where you study can help you to remember information much better, and it can be more enjoyable as well! Coffee shops are always great, but get unique with your special place. The possibilities are endless, and it can be an adventure finding these new places.

Highlighting not only makes your notes look pretty, it also creates a great visual impact for remembering information. However, it’s important to have some technique to your colors. Highlighting every single thing on a page won’t help you. Instead, use a color coding strategy. For example, highlight concepts in one color and definitions in another.

One Subject at a Time
Dedicate yourself to study one subject at a time. Even if you have two tests in one day, study for one at a different time than the other. Dedicating yourself to one class will help to alleviate the stress of feeling overwhelmed and getting information mixed up.

Katie Kardok is a feature writer for the Her Campus Editorial team at the University of Central Florida. Katie is currently a junior majoring in Psychology. She enjoys pilates, photography, and watching football. Fun fact: She is left handed!
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