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Sorority Life: Lauren Conrad Edition

I don’t know about you, but growing up Lauren Conrad was literally my idol. She was the epitome of all things perfect: she always knew what to say to cheer up a friend, she handled the haters (Kristen), and eventually landed the job we all dreamed of. Laguna Beach is like Girl Scouts: essential to your middle school years. Just with Girl Scouts where you start as a Daisy, move on to a Brownie, and so forth, Laguna Beach had its own levels. You began your life lessons with Laguna Beach, and continued those lessons with The Hills.  If it wasn’t for these two shows, who would have known about Spring Break in Cabo, black choker necklaces as worn by Kristen, the drama of finding a prom date, the downward spiral of ending friendships, or how to handle a breakup? Well, Lauren Conrad’s lifestyle doesn’t necessarily end at high school, and in fact carries on over to sorority life in college.


Recruitment comes around, which means wearing uncomfortable heels and matching outfits with 180 other girls.

But then the new members run home on Bid Day and we’re all like:

Eventually, your little gets a little of her own, and starts to spend less and less time with you.

Then comes social season. You may have gotten a little too crazy the night before, and wake up knowing you’ll have to attend a standards meeting for your actions.

So you eventually have to talk yourself out of that meeting with as much gibberish as you can think of.

And there’s always going to be those few ~frat stars~ who we’re all secretly obsessed with.

But let’s be honest, it doesn’t take long to learn that they’re pretty much all the same.

Nevertheless, if you ever do go through a heartache, you’re always surrounded by girls who let you know it’s his loss.

It never fails to amaze us how surprised our parents are when they see the bill with the 8 shirts we ordered that month.

 If you choose to live in your sorority house, be sure to let your future roomie know the do’s and don’ts.

And if you hold a position in your chapter you know how hard it can be to get girls to sign up for events.

But as you get older, you begin to stop sweating the small stuff, and march to the beat of your own drum.

The end of the year rolls around and it’s time for formal; you know your squad is looking fierce.

Last but not least, it’s graduation, and while college students will most likely have this reaction…

Sorority girls are realizing how many memories they have made with this amazing group of girls.

All in all, enjoy the 4 years you have in your sorority; attend every social, run for a position, and enjoy each moment- no one wants to be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris.

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