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After living in a COVID-19 world for nearly a year now, it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced some kind of change in our lives. Many of us have now experienced a quarantine breakup, which is about as messy and lonely as it sounds. Things just aren’t the same as they once were, which is scary, but ultimately we’ve all grown from these experiences. To put it simply: the situation just sucks. Amid my own quarantine breakup, I’ve rounded up everything that’s been helpful for my mental health as well as my heart.

Moonlit Picnics

Dining out during a pandemic? Not a smart move. Getting take-out and sitting on top of a moonlit parking garage for dinner with a friend? An absolute vibe. Getting out of the house is hard right now, and I know it’s so easy to just lay in bed for days, but please treat yourself to some fresh air every now and then. Try a nighttime picnic or a visit to the beach!

It’s Playlist Time

It’s time to put together the playlist that ultimately captures your emotions. Rage? Angst? Relief? Whatever you’re feeling, channel it all into a playlist to help work it out of your system. Keeping these emotions unprocessed won’t serve you well down the line, so go ahead and do it all through music. Personally, getting gritty with Pearl Jam helps me a ton. 

Take Everything Out of Your Room

If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, try taking everything out of your room, deep cleaning, and then rearranging your stuff. Refreshing your physical space can be a great way to help get clear your headspace. Not to mention it’s practically a workout.

Try Your Hand At Becoming A Pro-Chef

The internet has thousands of recipe dupes for your favorite restaurants. Try inviting a friend over to recreate your favorite dishes. Not only will you spend some much-needed quality time together, but the results will leave you with some new skills and happy memories. 

Get Out and Explore

The Orlando area is jam-packed with parks, scenic trails, and areas to explore. Whether you go solo or with some friends, remember how important it is to get out in the sunshine and move your body. The Little Big Econ State Forrest, about 20 minutes from UCF, is full to the brim with trails to explore. Jay Blanchard Park has a beautiful bike trail, and UCF’s arboretum is a wonderful place for an afternoon walk. 

Going through a breakup is hard no matter the season, but quarantine has definitely added some extra challenges to heartache. Remember that you deserve time to process what you’re feeling and that you’re not alone. These habits have helped me get through some rough patches; I hope you’re able to use some of them too. 

Emily is studying English at the University of Central Florida. She loves to garden, make coffee, and play with her dog, Goliath. She also dabbles in copywriting and hopes to forge a career in advertising.
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