Sharpay Evans is My President...Here's Why

Ashley Tisdale and I might share the same first name, but that’s not the only reason why she’s been someone I’ve looked up to for years. Her iconic portrayal of Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical trilogy (and the very pink spinoff, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure) has truly shaped me. The confidence, the sass, the talent — the girl has it all. Don’t even get me started on her fashion sense; the sparkles, the pink. I WANT IT ALL.

Ms. Evans wasn’t all about trying to be better than Ms. Gabriella Montez (Sharpay’s actually the victim, not the villain, but that’s a conversation for a different day), she stood for things a little more indirectly. She taught me things UCF couldn’t have taught me…no tea, no shade though UCF, still love ya. 

  1. 1. Think Bigger

    No outfit is too sparkly and no dream is too extravagant. As the princess of pink once said, “bigger is better.” After the Wildcat class of 2008 graduated, Sharpay went on to accomplish more, beyond the hallowed halls of East High. She went on to become a Broadway star — no matter the struggle and the heartbreak. She got hurt, but that didn’t mean she stopped trying. She had the same dream from when she was a little girl and didn’t let it die. **Warning: extremely cheesy quote ahead** She dreamed it, so she knew she could do it.

  2. 2. The Power of Personal Brand

    When you think of Sharpay Evans, what do you think of? Now I’m well aware I’m no mind reader, but I'm guessing you said pink and sparkles. Her signature staples gave her power to showcase who she is without even saying a word. Her sense of style allowed normal people to know that she’s confident, in charge and slightly a diva. Her dedication to her personal brand builds credibility, meaning she’s loyal to commitment, which is attractive in all sorts of ways. 

  3. 3. Don't Lose Sight of Your Dream

    Under no circumstance and I mean none. Sharpay taught us to not give up even when the entire universe seemed like it was working against us. When Troy and Gabriella stole her spotlight, what did she do? Hell yeah, that’s right, she got right back up and bopped straight to the top. If you’ve been dreaming of a certain something for so long, it would be a disservice to yourself to let it go that easily. Sharpay always had her eyes on the prize. No boys. No distractions. Troy and Gabriella were chasing each other, while Sharpay was chasing her dream. She knew she was talented, but she always put in the time and effort to make sure she was recognized for it. 

  4. 4. Be Sure of Yourself

    Everything you do in life, make sure it’s with confidence. After all, uncertainty is the enemy of fabulous. You’re allowed to doubt yourself, just be sure to turn that negative energy into good, nervous energy. The things you worry about 99% of the time don’t even happen. Since Sharpay had been performing since she was a teeny toddler, she had shopping bags full of confidence in both hands in all auditions. 

Even though Sharpay wasn’t the fan-favorite among most, she’s been my celeb girl crush from the start. Her fearlessness adds some flair to everyday life, which everyone needs once in a while. I dare you to add some aspects of Sharpay to your life, think more outside the box, practice persistence and confidence and see where it takes you.


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