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A Regular Girl’s Reaction to the VS Fashion Show

Another year. Another Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. More great performances and more sexy lingerie that you will never wear. More wing envy and more VS model body envy. Just the usual you know.

I must say this year’s show was so good for many reasons. We had the Hadid sisters’ adorable moments. We had Kendall Jenner killing it on the runway. We had Bruno Mars, Gaga, and The Weekend bringing us their music talents. We had gorgeous lingerie and wings to gawk over. And best of all, we had the underlying dramatic encounter between ex’s Bella Hadid and The Weekend. What is not to love?

I loved it all.

So here are a few of my favorite moments:

1. GaGa gets wings.

LAWD. This is the kind of woman I want to be like. The kind of woman that doesn’t wait to be given her wings. The kind of woman that goes and gets them herself. The kind of woman that then proceeds to slay that runway with her new wings. Lady Gaga is #goals.


2. Go to sleep a regular model and wake up a VS model.

I am done with this model, Josephine Skriver. She literally makes it seem like it takes nothing to become a VS model and Twitter was not having her BS. I swear the VS Fashion Show does this every year. Their rhetoric makes it seems like being one of their models is the best thing you can do with your life. I mean it looks fun, but I'm good. I am not interested in joining the sorority that is this company. Too much cattiness and pettiness from what I have heard. I think I will stick to my reality. But if I could just wake up a VS model, I might just give it a try. Just saying.


3. Ex's Drama! *pulls out the extra large, buttery popcorn*

Just look at her. She all "Ohh, I miss you. It's so nice to see you." And then the second she passes him, she's like "Boy bye. You wish you still had all this but you trifling and playing games. You don't just break up with me, motha' trucka'. You gon feel the burn of my sex appeal now." Obviously, I am reading a lot to this one moment but I can feel the burning angst between then and I. LOVE. IT. I really hope this is a PR stunt because it is genius. I wish to be this genius when I get into my career because girl I am going to make BANK!


4. LOVED the diversity of models.

This was also genius. VS decided they wanted to embrace each model natural aesthetics and I really appreciated that. I saw all ethnicities and all kinds of hairstyles and it was refreshing. Heck, we even had a pregnant model doing her thang. That is what I call dope af. I hope this is something they continue to do in future shows because I can continue to get behind this. 


5. Le Fantasy Bra

Not going to lie. I completely missed it. I was so invested in Bruno that she and her sparkly behind bra faded completely. But it makes the list because I find it funny that a $3 million bra clearly didn't catch my attention. Oh well. There is always next year, VS. 

Well, there you go. This year's most anticipated lingerie fashion show has come and gone. I wonder what amazing surprises and PR stunts await us next year.


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Michelle is a UCF junior interdisciplinary studies major and marketing minor who loves Youtube, primetime tv shows, and her dog Pepper. Being that she is a new Knight, she loves all thing UCF, especially if her bae Knightro is involved. In her spare time, you can find Michelle hanging out with friends, binge-watching her favorite Youtubers, or jamming to BillBoard Top 100. If you are at a lost for words when talking to Michelle, bring up her celeb crush Tom Hiddleston and you will be set for life. She really loves that man. Follow her on Twitter for insight on UCF and everything else bouncing around in her brain! 
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