The Real Witches of Instagram

You know how it is. Scrolling through the Explore page on Instagram and suddenly you’ve spiraled down a rabbit hole you didn't know existed. Your eyes skim page after page and now you’ve discovered a subculture of witches. Real witches. On Instagram. Their pages, all laced with their own bit of magic and individuality, have something to offer (other than spells).

These are five of the real witches on Instagram that you should be following.

1. Katie Paige - @misskatiepaige

Katie Paige is the wonderful witch behind the account and business The Wellness Witch. Her posts feature daily spells, rituals, recipes, and tips on modern witchcraft. Principally based on “nature, energy, and intuition,” on a recent post, Katie encourages people to learn about witchcraft and use it to improve their lives.

2. La Bruja Del 305 - @thetarotqueen

So... maybe I’m biased, but I’m obsessed with La Bruja. She's a witch based in Miami, Florida (but raised in Hialeah) and uses her intuition and divination to give weekly tarot readings. Using brujeria concepts from many Hispanic cultures, La Bruja’s posts encourage everyone to be more perceptive and help them find life’s purpose.

3. Bri Luna - @thehoodwitch

Perhaps one of the most recognizable modern witches, Bri Luna, also known as The Hoodwitch, uses her account to give daily tips, horoscopes, and insight on how to use intuition. Her name is a tribute to the women of the neighborhood she grew up in who were healers and sources of inspiration. Her admiration of these women grew into an interest in metaphysics and wellness in a more spiritual sense.

4. Courtney Brooke - @light_witch

Using nostalgia and femininity, Courtney Brooke is a photographer that encourages people to question spirituality, existence, and memory. Based in New England, Courtney’s photos are eerie though entrancing, leading the viewer to imagine something greater than reality.

5. Rebecca Nash - @sheslikeasunburn

Offering a more vibrant Instagram theme than most witches, Rebecca uses witchcraft to connect herself with nature and herself on a more intimate level. Her use of sigils (painted symbols) in makeup keeps her in tune with herself. It's unique and something that I haven't seen a lot of.

If you're like me and have always dreamed of being a witch (and low-key believe you are), take a look at these real witches of Instagram! You'll find out witchcraft is more than spells, broomsticks, and pointy hats, but actually a way of keeping yourself in balance with the universe and spirituality.

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