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Real UCF Guy: Losing Personality in a Trend

It seems like everyone’s list of turn-ons includes personality. When asked, most guys do not get too specific; they tend to stick with the usual “good personality” answer. Aside from being extraordinarily vague, a good personality can mean any number of things.

What they meant to say was a confident version of a personality is what they like. There are so many different personality types. You could almost make an equally long list of types you like and types you do not like.

With that in mind, it is important to remember who you are if you catch yourself loving on a trend. No matter how wild or tame the trend may be, never lose yourself in it. There are three “ingredients” that make up a confident personality, which can help you avoid a trending mistake.

Confidence: This trait almost too obvious, but it comes in as the number one “ingredient” in the list. The beauty of confidence is that it can be displayed in any number of ways. It does not matter if you are extremely outgoing or incredibly shy; confidence is noticeable, mostly in action.

A subtle gesture made by a cute shy girl, or a bold maneuver made by a sexy confident chick (yup, some guys still talk like this) go equally as far in the eyes of someone attracted to you and your personality. This kind of confidence is essentially accepting your specific personality as it is. It means owning an outfit you feel slightly uncomfortable in. Confidence in your self is what truly matters. 

Self Worth:
There is simply no way to understate how important self worth is to a guy. Many people, even guys, do things in the name of following trends that they eventually regret. Sometimes it is fun to look back on something questionable we wore, but what about the things you cannot take back?

I am not giving any examples here because “right” and “wrong” are both very subjective. Only you know what is right and wrong for you. That is the beauty of self worth. If you have it, it prevents you from doing something you may regret doing.

Deaf Ear to Naysayers: Some people truly care about you. They will always give you heartfelt advice and honesty. Others can be condescending and not have your best interest at heart. Listen to yourself and the people who really care about you when it comes to who you are, what you wear and what you are doing. You know the friends who will actually tell you that you look fat in an outfit.

The naysayers I am referring to are the people who are mean to you without a reason. They are either mean-spirited people, have nothing better to do or do not care how they treat others. Do not even bother with these people.

So, embracing a trend rather than faking it is important. It is a huge turnoff for guys because it makes you seem fake to them. The difference between embracing and faking a trend is simple: If you are changing who you truly are underneath all the clothes and makeup, you are faking it. If it is who you are, then you are embracing it. It is hard enough to be around someone fake, let alone date them. Most guys have learned to avoid girls with fake personalities.

If you use these three “ingredients” to boost your personality, I can promise two things: You will feel better about yourself, and guys will definitely notice.

Until next time,

Real UCF Guy Dave

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