A Ranking Of The Bath & Body Works 2017 Holiday Collection

It's that time of year again, guys! The weather gets slightly cooler, those pesky (or joyful depending on how you look at it) Christmas songs start playing on the radio, and from mid-October, Christmas decorations are sitting pretty on the streets. Yep, get your candy canes and Santa hats ready because the holidays are already in full swing!

And you know what else this means? Bath & Body Works is back at it again with their outstanding Holiday Collection! Read on to see each and every fragrance from this year ranked from worst to absolute best*.

*Note: While there's an abundance of holiday scents in other products this year, this article only covers the Body Care collection!

5. Coconut Mint Drop

Starting off this list is one out of two of the newest fragrances for this year, Coconut Mint Drop. If you've ever smelled coconut and any type of mint together, I'll just say that it's an eccentric mix. Mint is a super-fresh scent and coconut is sweet and tropical, and I know opposites attract...but with these two? Not so much. The mint overpowers the coconut which you can still kind of smell, but in my opinion, Coconut Mint Drop is not the greatest this store has come out with. If you ask me, consider skipping this one. 

4. Winter Candy Apple

One part of what I like to call "The Holy Trinity" (standing alongside Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel), Winter Candy Apple is a mainstay of Bath & Body Works. I won't lie when I say this one is not my absolute favorite, and it's been that way for as long as I can remember. I used to absolutely despise this fragrance as a kid! But now? I've grown to appreciate this unique-smelling concoction, with its notes of candied oranges and cinnamon combined with red apple, winter rose petals and maple leaf. It's kind of funny how things can change with time, isn't it? Let's just say it's gonna have a place in my home this year and beyond!

3. Snowy Morning

The second of this year's newest holiday scents, Snowy Morning is really a pleasant one. It consists of bergamot and mistletoe berries and is topped off with soft lavender. And it really lives up to its name: you can easily imagine yourself walking through a city lightly coated with snow everywhere on a sunny Monday morning. If Bath & Body Works brings this back next year, I wouldn't even be mad. In fact, I'll be happy because this is one of the best I've ever tried from here! And I have plenty of favorites old and new, so that's saying something.

2. Twisted Peppermint

Sweet minty goodness in a bottle is the best way to describe Twisted Peppermint. What's great about this one is that the mix of peppermint, sugared snow, vanilla buttercream and balsam is pleasantly strong, so when you smell it up close you get a sudden burst of energy.  It's like when you brush your teeth in the morning, except it's not just your mouth; it's your entire body! Put this on the top of your list if you or your loved ones love to smell minty fresh and feel energized every day. If you've never tried it before, trust me, you'll thank me later.

1. Vanilla Bean Noel

When deciding which one of these fragrances was going to take the crown, there was no contest. Vanilla Bean Noel is so delectable, so enchanting and so scrumptious, you almost want to eat it every time you smell it (please do not try that)! Take the vanilla bean, caramel, and snowkissed musk, mix them all together and you have the perfect holiday fragrance that will make everyone fall in love at first sniff! I make it my goal every single year to stock up on this one so I can use every product year-round. For the record, this comes in EVERYTHING: lotion, body cream, shower gel, bubble bath, candles, you name it!

The final verdict: The 2017 Holiday Collection is hands-down a WINNER. It's got the perfect amount of fragrances (not too many, not too little) and a number of products for you to choose for all your body care needs. No matter which fragrance you end up hoarding or trying for the first time, you're gonna be feeling that joyous holiday spirit no matter what time of year it is! Now get ready to shop 'till you drop anticipate Thanksgiving dinner because you can't just skip over all that glorious food, you know!