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'The Princess Switch' aka the Holiday Movie of the Season

If you haven't heard, Netflix has come out with another holiday original called The Princess Switch. For those of you who aren't fans of cheesy Christmas movies—or maybe you're an absolute fangirl for them—this movie is perfect for both sides of the spectrum! Here are the reasons why you should give this flick a watch:


1. The storyline conveys deeper meanings beneath the surface

Vanessa Hudgens plays both Stacy DeNovo and Margaret Delacourt. Throughout the movie, Stacy DeNovo really sets the standard with the royals, especially with Prince Edward, that women play an important role in foreign and other affairs. Margaret Delacourt rebels and switches roles with Stacy in order to live a "normal" life. She shows that you should do what makes you happy without really caring about what others think. She was bold and able to take a chance. One of the main messages to highlight was Stacy changing the standards the royals placed on themselves. She taught Prince Edward that it's perfectly fine to give to others and get involved with the cause you're donating to. This was one of the sweetest scenes in the movie where "Margaret" (actually Stacy) and Prince Edward bought gifts for the children and personally gave it to them. 


2. The love stories are so sweet

Talk about star-crossed lovers. When Stacy and Margaret switch places, they each have to spend time with Edward and Kevin. In the true fashion of a holiday movie, they fall deeply in love. Turns out these love stories balance out cheesy and adorable so well you can't help but root for these couples!

heart on a string Debby Hudson

3. You'll totally get Gabriella Montez vibes 

For those of you who were Disney fanatics like myself, you know how much everyone loved High School Musical. In this movie, Vanessa Hudgens projects Gabriella Montez hardcore! One particular scene that caught my attention was when Stacy (actually Margaret) and Olivia were having a snowball fight with Kevin. Margaret runs around and falls on top of Kevin. Sound familiar? This scene is so similar to the one in High School Musical 2 when Gabriella and Troy were running around on the golf course during their picnic and then fall onto each other as well. You've got to love the nostalgia you get from watching certain scenes!


4. It'll leave you wanting to give a little more this season

Not only does this movie convey the genuine theme we see in all holiday movies of following your heart and being true to yourself, but it also teaches you another important lesson. We need to focus on spending time with our loved ones and realize what we already have rather than sulking about what we don't have! This movie is all about giving and showing your appreciation for others. After watching this movie I definitely wanted to find even more time to spend with everyone I care for, and hopefully, you do too!

two women hugging with gift Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Happy Holidays!