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Planners for Your Personality

For the fashionista: Erin Condren’s Lifeplanner

            Fashionistas are always setting trends for their friends, and this planner will help any fashionista start trends in the classroom! The unique part about Erin Condren is that their life planner can be completely customized. And it doesn’t just stop at just deciding if you want your initials monogramed on the cover: you can choose the color  scheme, the color of the coil, and between three different planning layouts.

For the disorganized creative: The Happy Planner from me&my BIG ideas

            The main point of a planner is to help people organize their life, so to have a planner specifically for someone who is disorganized seems like an oxymoron. But the reason that this planner works well for the disorganized is that it can be expanded and adjusted as needed with its disk-bound system.  Its users could add and remove pages as needed (just make sure to purchase the special paper punch with it), and its layout is filled with fun details like artwork and inspirational quotes.

For the person with a lot passion: Passion Planner

            Regardless of what your passion is, this planner can expand to whatever you need it for. There are blank spaces for the artists, lined pages to brainstorm ideas. The beginning will also help you break down your goals, and help you incorporated them into your daily life. The greatest thing about this planner is that it focuses on the present—yes, you’re reflecting on the past, and you’re trying to plan a future, but the future won’t come without you acting on the present. That’s what there is free space surrounding the weekly schedules, to share any thoughts and ideas that come up throughout the week. Not only that, but the Passion Planner runs a get one, give one campaign. For every planner purchased, they also give one away.

For the entrepreneur: Dailygreatness Business Planner

            Starting up a business? This planner does not just look sleek on the outside, but it’s format on the inside will prevent you from running to all of your meetings looking frazzled.  The planner is set up to have a weekly view, and each day starts by looking at priorities and appointments. There’s a sidebar where you can include things that will happen in an upcoming week, and a daily quote for motivation. Starting up a business can be hard, and the most successful entrepreneurs make the most of their tools. Without a doubt, the entrepreneur should always use this tool and keep it out of his toolbox.

For the simple and basic: Bullet Journal

            Last year, a friend and I got together at the beginning of the year, and she surprised me by saying that she wanted us to try keeping a bullet journal. So she pulled out two sketchbooks, we stayed up well into the night, and laid out a format for about three months.

            What I liked about it is that it starts with a clean slate, and you turn it into what you want or need. If you want something artistic and inspirational, you can design it. Or if you want it simple, just keep the bare bones with dates and such. It really helped me stay on track with my resolutions. For example, I wanted to be more active, so I dedicated a page to tracking how often I worked out, which showed me what I was accomplishing and it visually reminded me when I probably should go. I personally had more fun with my lists too, like the books I wanted to read, and the movies and shows that I wanted to watch. 

Kristi is a student at the University of Central Florida striving to pursue her passions. A former resident at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, she’s now a contributing member for HerCampus. When she isn’t writing, she’s out on an adventure with her dog Damian. You can follow her stories on her blog https://kristimyblog.com. 
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