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Pink Shirt Girl: Emojicon turned Best Friend

What is it about this little pink shirt brunette that is just so appealing to us emoji fanatics?  Dominantly used by females, this sassy little emojicon can get our point across to the receiving end of the message. This Pink Shirt Girl is one bad mamacita, and she’s not afraid to throw a dash of spice into the mix. After all, it’s hard to be as effortlessly inimitable as Pink Shirt Girl.

The Pink Shirt Girl is extremely complex composed of different angles, which is what girls want in a friend after all, right?  We want someone who’s going to give constructive criticism as well as be up for a little TLC. Ultimately, we may throw this little emoji around to get our attitude of the message across, but what emojicon users fail to realize is that Pink Shirt Girl would make the ultimate best friend.

First off, Pink shirt girl (PSG) is not afraid to whip out an old fashion hair flip. I mean “duh.” She’s the perfect sassy lady to have by your side when you have to unfortunately deal with incompetent people. But don’t get on her bad side, because Pink Shirt girl is always right, and nothing is more annoying than receiving a “matter-of-fact hair flip” when you’re wrong.

PSG will gladly bring all things to a halt once enough is enough. She’s the perfect honest friend. “Enough with the cheesecake already, we have Spring Break around the corner.” She also makes for the ultimate wing woman; verbally insisting that the lingering papi backs off.

Even though Pink Shirt Girl demands attention, and believe me, she receives it. She also can down play her sass by being deceivingly sweet. This is prefect for those times you need a little mooching to get your way. PSG’s specialty. When you’re a few months shy of legally going to that poppin’ hot nightclub, PSG’s got your back.

Pink shirt Girl is clearly down for anything. You name an activity; Pink Shirt Girl is first to volunteer. Hitch hiking, yes. Road trip? Well of course. Weekend getaway in Fiji? She already has her bags packed. Although this can be a little intimidating, PSG is the perfect friend to pull you out of your comfort zone and take your hand as you set off into a memorable adventure.

Plot twist: Pink Shirt Girl trades in that sassy pink V-neck for a wedding gown as she gets married. If you didn’t know, now you do. Although you have to hate her for having a man who’s willing to commit (Can you blame him? PSG gets what she wants), you’ve got to love her for all the celebrations she will have in store. 

PSG is definitely the type of gal who will plan a full girls get away to somewhere extravagant for her bachelorette party.  Top of her list: Vegas.  Also, PSG is someone to be surrounded by gorgeous people at all times, leaving your chances of falling love with McDreamy on the wedding day very likely.

Pampering.  This is Pink Shirt Girl’s middle name.  Or is it “Shirt”?…  PSG understands the importance of treating yourself to a little TLC.  With constant scheming and plotting, how else can Pink Shirt Girl wake up refreshed and willing to do it all over again?  Although she may push you out of your comfort zone every once in a while.  PSG is the ultimate best friend.  She understands the necessity of indulging, and as always, she’s not afraid to take you along either.

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