Penny for Your Heart? Valentine's Gifting: On a Budget

Anytime you turn your planners page over and you see the month of February there’s 3 reactions: joy, dread, or numbness. Yes, even on the “Holiday of Love” Cupid’s arrow doesn’t hit everyone. If you’re a fan of sweets- especially chocolate, oh boy is this holiday for you, the sales after February 14th are wild, it’s like Black Friday for a sugar rush. The only problem is, are you buying after the sale? Or are you buying on the day before the sale? If you’re buying on Valentines Day, congratulations you have someone to buy something for, girlfriend or boyfriend, gal or pal, dog or cat, love is around you. If you’re buying something after the 14th still consider yourself lucky because you have loads of cheap chocolate, love is also around you, and V-Day is finally over.

 Being a child is so easy, everyone is your valentine and it’s a blissful day at school. But adulting, it’s so different. If you’re buying something for a loved one, a friend, or yourself gifting is pretty hard. You need to make sure online shopping packages will arrive on time, or budget yourself, or just freak out because you have no idea what to get. That’s the problem with gifting, all that shouldn’t matter. It’s the thought that counts. So I say, this Valentine’s Day do something cheap and thoughtful. I know sometimes it feels awful when the person you’re gifting for “one up’s” your gift, but really, there’s no need to be the same when it comes to gifts, there is always balance if something comes from the heart.

 If you’re crafty or on a budget, Pinterest is the answer!! There’s romantic, cheesy, and easy DIY’s. * Side Note *Well actually, Pinterest is always the answer- for any given situation.


  1. Nothing more important than the 5 senses am I right?

All you need is 5 bags or boxes which you can get from the dollar store or Target’s Dollar Section (the best place ever) and some cute cheap esssentials to fit the theme of the 5 senses. Definitly some perfume, or cologne, and candies are always a must.

2. What's a better gift than memories?

For a very "night in" kind of Valentines day, the gift you can give to your significant other on this romantic night is a bed fort. The comfiest form of comfort and the perfect way to watch a movie! It’s a simple gift filled with thoughtful cozy-ness…can you think of anything better than that?


  1. Nothing is more gift worthy than a home made card, we’ve been making them since we were small, anyone can be a card making pro. A small card and some “Good for ____” or “Free Hug” coupons will make them smile with gratitude.

2. ACTUALLY CHEESY. Pizza on any day is great but pizza as a SURPRISE GIFT in the SHAPE OF A HEART on VALENTINES DAY. Gifter of the year!! It’s a cheap, yummy, and personal way of saying I love you to your partner on Cupid’s favorite day. There is nothing more "bond worthy" than cooking together. With friends, loved ones, soul-mates, or just two people trying to get to know eachother- creating something can be so great especially together.  All you need is to buy the supplies and boom! A gift for two on you!* ba dum tsss* A really sweet, eh, salty gift.

DIY Heart Pizza:



  1. Dinner & a movie?

Perfect, movies on you. Simple, you can go to you nearest red box or dig down deep for some old rom com’s that you secretly have stashed up and create your own movie basket. Any thing you want, drinks, microwaveable popcorn, candies, you name it- the greatest gift basket.

2. Photo Album 

Ah the sweetness of nostalgia, it’s definitely just as present as Cupid in the air on Valentines Day so a photo album of all the great memories made together is really something to look forward to and be proud of. You can make your own scrapbook or make an online book on the CVS website.

DIY Album:

CVS Album Site:!/view 

At the end of this holiday, there really is no need to down play a great gift or feel bad about another. Giving isn’t something that has to be balanced or “made even” because it’s something that comes from your heart. If you feel good about something you made or some small gifts that you bought, that’s the best part of it all- you’re excited to give someone something. That’s what love is about, being compassionate and caring for the ones that are part of your life. Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!


Photo credit: 1234,5,67