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An Open Letter to The People Who Have a Problem With The Starbucks Red Cup…Love Your Fellow Jew

It’s finally November so you know what that means…let the Christmas talk begin!

Forget about thanksgiving, right guys? It’s not like it comes before Christmas or anything. Anyhow…naturally Christmas is the topic of conversation this month, but this time it’s involving a cup! Of course there are no Hanukkah decorations up and you’re lucky if you find one Hanukkkah related item in a store. I’ve gotten pretty use to only seeing green and red; however, I digress. That’s right…the Christmas scandal this year revolves around a simple little cup…the Starbucks cup to be exact.

Now I’m sure you all have been hearing the buzz about this red cup that Starbucks has released for the holidays. This little red cup has caused great controversy and honestly I’d love to know why! It’s a stupid little red cup that everyone throws away anyways…of course that’s after they take their selfie or Instagram it. So my question is why do people care? How could something so tiny and irrelevant become such a major issue? It amazes me how such a small issue (that shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place) could gain so much attention! GET OVER IT PEOPLE! It’s a cup that carries no meaning, and even if it’s changed I guarantee you’re still going to stand in line every morning to get your Grande Mocha Peppermint Frappe.

So, Starbucks took away some decorations on the cup…who cares? It’s not like there’s a snowman in the Bible anyway, so please explain to me how small details being removed are taking away from the cup being a “Christmas cup.” I’m Jewish and you don’t see me over here complaining about how the cup isn’t blue and doesn’t have a Menorah. Starbucks went for the minimalist approach and simply made the cup red with the green logo. The cup is still Christmas colors, so build yourself a bridge and get over it. There are bigger issues in the world besides what designs are on this cup, or lack of designs I should say. Maybe the fact that hundreds of civilian Jews are getting killed in Israel, there’s world hunger, ISIS is trying to bomb us, or children are being sold into sexual slavery…just to name a few.

So the next time you choose to make the design on a plastic cup a national issue…perhaps you should stop and pick your battles wisely. We have a lot bigger issues in this world to fight than the design on a cup. A red cup does not mean that Starbucks hates Christmas or Jesus. The change in the cup is a business approach, it doesn’t mean Starbucks is out to get you. If you’re mad about Starbucks not wishing you a “Merry Christmas,” you have bigger fish to fry my friend. It’s a simple, all-inclusive, blank canvas business approach…not World War III. So get your panties out of a wad and move on because it’s actually quite comical that something this stupid could cause this much news coverage.

This one goes out to all the haters who have a problem with the red cup! Grab yourself a nice big Venti Frap and cry about it because it’s not going away. As Ellen Degenerous put it…this #CupGate2015 is absurd and the fact that it even has a hashtag is beyond me. 

P.S. I found a perfect way to fix this issue! Let’s just make the cups blue and white with a Menorah on it! Great…problem solved. At least we’ll appreciate it.


A baffled Jew

                                                                                                 This elf doesn’t seem to have a problem with the “satan sipper”…

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