An Open Letter to My Long Distance Best Friend

Dear Long Distance Best Friend, 

I remember you standing in front of our middle school auditorium with your pink flowery shirt and white backpack with stripes. I remember making videos with you on Youtube with the intention of becoming famous. I remember the obsession we had over the Jonas Brothers that lasted until...well to be honest, we still low-key would kill to see them live. I remember staying up all day on New Years Eve of 2008 doing peculiar things just because we were so tired.

I remember fooling around on the trampoline in my backyard that I’m positive was going to kill us one day because of how broken and disheveled it was. I remember after school walking to the Shaw’s Plaza with you and just embracing that freedom we had being the preteens we were. I remember finding immense humor in mocking our seventh grade science teacher. I remember walking to Dunkin Donut’s because it was the midpoint between both our houses.

I remember my dad telling me we were moving. I remember saying goodbye to everyone and realizing I had to start over. I remember our last moments together at my going away party. I remember how shocked I was that people cared enough that I was leaving. I remember not wanting to leave. I remember leaving everyone. I remember leaving you.

I remember my first day at the new school. I remember feeling intimidated and wishing I were back home. I remember texting you daily about how miserable I was. I remember crying at night and you always being there to tell me it was going to be okay. I remember growing up and starting high school. I remember getting used to my new lifestyle. 

I remember being told I was going to leave again…further away. I remember getting upset because I was just getting used to my new life. I remember crying to you again daily. I remember beginning at my new high school. I remember being quiet and reserved because of my insecurities regarding friendships. I remember you getting closer with another friend and I didn’t want to accept that. 

I remember coming back to visit you. I remember being excited cause you had your license so we could go anywhere we wanted to. I remember reverting back to my old personality because I felt comfortable. I remember being so happy to be home and back where everything started, where I felt the most comfortable.

I remember fighting. I remember feeling like my whole world was falling apart. I remember you telling me I was unforgivable. I remember realizing how deep of a pit I had let myself fall into. I remember forcing myself to accept the circumstances. I remember having an epiphany.

I remember avoiding talking to you for months. I remember not wanting to face what I had done to you. I remember wishing things had gone differently. I remember wishing I were different. I remember thinking life sucked. I remember believing I was never going to talk to you again and that broke my heart.

I remember texting you that I missed you. I remember the feeling being mutual. I remember apologizing for everything I had done. I remember wanting to see you again. I remember texting again like we used to. I remember telling you about everything that happened over the last few months. I remember us conversing about our first years in college. I remember being so happy for you and you being so happy for me. I remember you accepting me. I remember you loving me. I remember you forgiving me. And mostly I remember you being my best friend.

In life we face several difficulties that cause us to grow and become stronger and more independent beings. Having my childhood best friend allowed me to say I had a consistency in my life even while I was going through as many obstacles I did go through. I realized that us being distanced from each other for over seven plus years made the both of us stronger women and more prepared to face the world. I never believed in any kind of fate until I was forced to face the world without the physical presence of the person that made me face every difficulty in life I felt too fearful to face. 

This is why I say to never be afraid of a long distance relationship because most of the time it's for the better, never for the worse. Yes, it's difficult. Probably one of the most difficult things in life I had to face, but that's the point. 

So, thank you for showing me what it means to be a real best friend to someone almost ten years later. That I will always remember. 

Love Always, 

Your Long Distance Best Friend