Not so Forever: Saying Goodbye to Forever 21 & Their Worst Clothes

It's the end of an era—maybe.

With over $500 million in debt, Forever 21 might be on the brink of filing for bankruptcy. Although their stores have provided young people with affordable and stylish clothing for years, it seems as though in recent years they might've bitten off more than they can chew. So, what went wrong? Well, it all comes down to a series of bad choices.

Known for their infamously large locations that seem to leave no corner untouched by their various articles of apparel, Forever 21 simply can't afford their warehouse-esque stores. The sheer amount of costs for operating just one of their stores would seriously be enough to make you sweat. Essentially, they just aren't seeing a return on their investments. Naturally, one would ask why that is, and it really all comes down to changing consumer values and tastes. 

While many consumers are drawn to Forever 21 for its low prices and trendy styles, attitudes towards "fast fashion" are ever-changing, and not in a good way. Consumers want to know that what they are purchasing is not only high in quality but has been made with sustainable practices in mind. Additionally, Forever 21 is competing in an overly saturated market with competitors like Fashion Nova that, frankly, do a better job of utilizing social influencer marketing tactics to draw in young buyers. 

Moving forward, Forever 21 has some real decisions to make if they want to avoid ending up another victim of the retail apocalypse. Remember Charlotte Russe and Claire's? Earlier this year they both found themselves closing stores and making bankruptcy claims. 

If Forever 21 does end up filing, then I guess it's only appropriate to showcase some of the brand's most disastrous pieces of clothing from throughout the years as we potentially prepare to say goodbye:

Personally, I grew up shopping at Forever 21 and have really come to love the brand, so I would truly hate to see it go. The fact of the matter though is that the company needs to change—whether that means turning away from "fast-fashion" or investing in better marketing. I hope that the brand chooses to at least do something. Until then, who knows what might happen—we could very well be saying goodbye to Forever 21.

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