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No Shave November

Sorry boys, but this is the stupidest tradition that you have! For those of you fortunate enough to not be exposed to this, let me do some explaining. Starting November 1st to December 1st, the male species bands together to not shave their faces. If us women ever had a thought of that, the boys would shut it down before it even got started. So ladies, why do we let them get away with this?
I decided to take No Shave November into my own hands! All girls dream back to their prepubescent bodies when the mention of body hair comes back. The good ol’ days before constant shaving! But most girls are scared to say or do these two words: “Brazilian Wax.” No matter what you call your Poon Poon, Koka, Nana, Vajayjay, or heaven forbid that awful “P” or “C” word, we all strive for the hairless look! So why don’t we all constantly get waxed? Pain.
I recently had THE MOST pain free experience ever getting waxed at the European Wax Center in Waterford. As someone who has had their fair share of “down there” waxes, I would say I am a credible source. I have had the average experiences, the hack jobs and the ones that you will never ever speak of again. So when I recommend you go somewhere, GO!
They use a no strip, all natural beeswax; they never double dip the sticks, and they cleanse the area before waxing. The wax hardens on your skin and only sticks to the hair, so there is no need for those evil paper strips to rip off your skin ever again! Wondering where this is has been your whole life? Yeah, me too!
Scared or too shy to go full bald eagle? Try out the bikini wax to get your footing in the waxing world. Best part of European Wax Center is your first bikini wax is free! Want to be bold your first time? Get a Brazilian wax for only $21!
So what are you still doing at home reading this?! Go! Embrace your own No Shave November at European Wax Center, and be sure to tell them Jara Lipman sent you!


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