No to Black Friday Shopping, Yes to Staying in

Thanksgiving seems to be a holiday in such a great time, the leaves are changing the weather is getting cooler and not unbearable yet (and it will not come unbearable if you’re a Floridian or go to UCF like the rest of us) but either way, overall it’s a great holiday in my personal opinion. Truly, seeing a distant family member sometimes is a tad awkward because of the questions they ask or the things they seem to say to you. Otherwise, seeing your family and being able to be together and enjoy an unbelievable amount of delicious food is something to be grateful for. Once the food coma’s are laid out and you’re wishing you were wearing a giant dress or expandable pants because your clothes fit suddenly too tight, the only way most American’s burn off the calories is…Watching television and lounging on the couch? No, Shopping.


When I think of Thanksgiving I think Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, mashed potatoes, dessert, the substantial amount of leftovers, and sleeping like a bear in hibernation. However, when most others think of Thanksgiving it seems to be like the food is crucial just like the family time, but the deals are just as important. Don’t get me wrong I am not speaking for the masses, I am speaking from observation and experience. The shopping I am speaking of is Black Friday, the deal day of the year I can almost hear it echoing in the back of my mind like the commercials that are on replay just before the chaos commences. Either way, growing up in Miami, I seemed to always be out of the loop not shopping and staying in with my family, it’s something I have really come to love, if you were to ask me in middle school my reply would be in opposition to the way I feel today, but truly my feelings toward staying in on black Friday won’t diminish (unless I am in dire need of a cake mixer- those are expensive and I would love to see those on sale). I stay in on Black Friday, and I love it.



To some it may seem odd, to others they may agree. But my reasons are important to me and here is why:


Reason 1

After eating so much it seems to feel like you’ve ran a marathon or walked up a steep flight of stairs, after Thanksgiving dinner give me some tea (or alka-seltzer) because lolling around seems to be a great option. With that being said, shopping will be quite horrid if I need to walk around fighting over that adorably cute top 5 other girls want, I am not for it.


Reason 2

Sleep. It seems that if you were any type of student in school, sleep was not always an option. I say that mainly for high school and college now, waking up at 5:30 a.m. for school in high school and staying up late for tons of homework, whenever there were day offs or breaks, sleep caught up to me and I just needed a break. Same goes for college, those 8 a.m.’s are not joke, especially when you have things to study for and a social life to manage. I would much rather go to sleep at a reasonable time than stay up for a numerous amount of hours like a full zombie to get a bunch of gifts that may be necessary or unnecessary, to whatever extent it may be.


Reason 3

I crave sweets and all types of goodies especially when accessible to me. Hence, I don’t need to go shopping because my cravings for the food back home will be at an all time high. Same thing with left overs, I want to make sure that I save my side of left overs before my family gets the best of it. First come first serve.


Reason 4

I have save the best for last, family time. Making memories are so important in someone’s lifetime and it’s moments like these, when everyone is coming together to eat and to enjoy good food and do just relax, the best memories are made. One of the most important things to me is family, so if I am with them, I don’t want to be with them while shopping. Sometimes memories are spent like that too, but I would much rather be nice in cozy in my home with a piece of pie and my family near by.




Photo credit: 123