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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

New Music Friday is back! Spooky season is upon us, and new music is coming out at a rapid pace. Here’s the new music for this week:

“Lonely” by Justin Bieber (with benny blanco)

Justin Bieber has finally blessed us with new music. This song talks about how lonely he feels at times — you can have money and fame, but still have no one by your side. This is about the loneliness someone feels even if they seem to have a perfect life. 

“By Yourself” by Ty Dolla $ign (feat. Jhené Aiko & Mustard)

This song is one of my favorites! The song is so upbeat, and it’s an anthem for all the single ladies. It sends the message that we don’t need a man to feel complete. Go out and do you by yourself; you have your power, and no one can take that.

“All About You” by Leon Bridges, Lucky Daye

The mellow tone of this song hits me in the feels, and it deserves to be in your love playlist. This song is about the love he feels for this woman — the lyrics bring tears to my eyes and it shows that love is real. It’s definitely worth a listen, especially if you’re participating in cuffing season. 

“QueLoQue” by Major Lazer (feat. Paloma Mami)

Major Lazer never disappoints. This time, they teamed up with Paloma Mami to bring Latin culture into their music, also giving you some girl boss vibes. The rhythm is different, slow at times, and then it speeds up. It’s a song that will make people dance! 

“Only Time Makes It Human” by King Princess

This song shares a powerful message about someone King Princess is still in love with, even though she is the one hurting. The upbeat rhythm makes it more of an anthem than a sad song about being hurt — embrace your feelings!

“Commander in Chief” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato came in full force with this song criticizing Trump and his actions towards the American people. Very powerful vibes.


“Self Care” by Louis the Child (with COIN)

The beat of this song is great for a car jam sesh. If you’re ever feeling down, this song is a great pick me up!

“Satisfacción” by Arcangel, Myke Towers


Out of all the songs on Arcangels’ new album, this is one of my favorites. This reggaeton song is very mellow but has a beat you can dance to. You can never go wrong with Arcangel.

“Made” by Sophia Messa (feat. Pink Sweat$)

This song’s beat is angelic, and it’s such a vibey song. A Sophia Messa and Pink Sweat$ collaboration is probably the best idea ever. Their voices together just make this song even better. 

“West Coast” by DVBBS (feat. Quinn XCII)

The beat here is perfect for yet another jam sesh in the car. It’s an anthem for our love for the west coast, because there’s nothing like it! Quinn XCII and DVBBS have made a song for the weekend. The vibes are immaculate!

This week has given us some great songs for the weekend! Tune in next week for more new tunes! 

Maitane is a junior who is majoring in Journalism and double minoring in Political Science/Pre-Law and Sports Business Management. She enjoys watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, finding new music, and going to concerts with her friends. She's a bit of a shopaholic due to her love for fashion. When she's not in class she's either writing her book or watching soccer matches.
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