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With every failed romance comes a mixture of emotions. There may have been tears, laughter and joy involved. Bad memories, good memories, sad ones, happy ones and something in between. What better way to feel this hurricane than through music? Take my heartbreaks and upgrade your Spotify playlists.

CJay – “IF I Had a Daughter”

In “If I Had a Daughter,” CJay fantasizes about what it would be like if he were raising a daughter. He wishes to correct his father’s mistakes raising him and even points to society for devaluing women. This jazz-rap social commentary love letter by CJay is something different worth listening to.

Gunna – “Who you foolin'”

Mumble rap and traditional Chinese music? A match made by the mandate of heaven. In Gunna’s “Who You Foolin,” producer Wheezy samples Tong Li’s work on the Chinese string instrument, the guzheng. This unlikely pairing of Gunna’s bars and feathery plucks of the guzheng creates a mesmerizing melody easily put on repeat.

The Weeknd – “Dark Times” ft. Ed Sheeran

From The Weeknd’s second studio album, Beauty Behind the Madness, “Dark Times” opens with sexy guitar riffs and Ed Sheeran’s smooth voice. The Weeknd’s silky voice brings even more life into the second verse as the two artists tell women to beware of their toxic habits. The song’s strong, unwavering beat serves as a warning to women that is hauntingly beautiful.

Jhené Aiko – “Sativa” ft. Swae Lee

Jhené Aiko’s sultry and sensual voice paired with Swae Lee’s melodies leaves you absolutely hypnotized while listening to “Sativa.” From Aiko’s second studio album, Trip, “Sativa” brings vibrant energy that’s calming at the same time. The song keeps your head swaying for those late-night drives.

ARIES – “Kids on Molly”

And last but not least, we have “KIDS ON MOLLY” from Aries’ debut album BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU. This pop alt-rock song Aries sings is an anthem to youth and to still find the good in the bad. Even when “What surrounds me shattered / Probably still gonna party.”

And there you have it — five new songs from my heartbreaks. Let this be a lesson in taking what you can out of dating. Even though it might not have ended how you were expecting it to, you may get a new favorite song or two out of it. And at the very least, a better Spotify playlist.

Anna Tam is a third-year psychology major at the University of Central Florida with a pending minor due to her abundance of eclectic interests. She is originally from the Champa Bay area with future aspirations in teaching abroad, sex psychology, and higher education. When she is not marveling over movies and TV shows, you can find her exploring, working out, or having an existential crisis.
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