My Top 5 Songs From Selena Gomez's 'Rare'

The first time I ever saw Selena Gomez was on the television screen. She was playing Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place, and I remember how I instantly became a fan as she said her sarcastic remarks and relatable wisdom. Fast forward through her career on Disney Channel, I became a fan of who she was rather than the characters she portrayed. She inspires me to always be strong, but vulnerable at the same time. 

So, when Selena came out with Rare last week, I immediately listened to the album. Although my opinion is somewhat biased, I thought that it was the best thing she’s come out with since “Who Says.” Now, since I love making lists, I decided to rank my favorites. Hopefully, we have similar lists.

  1. 1. "Rare"

    Of course this would be my #1 song. It’s the opener of the album and for good reason. It shows that Selena has admitted that she is rare, even though she doesn’t have it all. Even though I’ve listened to the album a hundred times since its release, this song continues to be stuck in my head, constantly reminding me that even with my mistakes and past, I’m one in a million. 

    Best lyrics: 

    I don't have it all (I don't have it all)

    I'm not claiming to (I'm not claiming to)

    I know that I'm special, yeah

    And I'll bet there's somebody else out there

    To tell me I'm rare, to make me feel rare

    Oh yeah.

  2. 2. "Lose You to Love Me"

    THIS SONG. I’m forever in love with it because it accurately shows the best thing about a breakup or losing someone — you will learn to love yourself. Selena’s voice doesn’t cheat on the heartbreak and loss, but in the chorus, you can hear the freedom she has found within herself. I hope you’ve found some healing in this song, I know I did.

    Best lyrics:

    You promised the world and I fell for it

    I put you first and you adored it

    Set fires to my forest

    And you let it burn

    Sang off-key in my chorus

    'Cause it wasn't yours

    I saw the signs and I ignored it

    Rose-colored glasses all distorted

    Set fire to my purpose

    And I let it burn

    You got off on the hurtin'

    When it wasn't yours, yeah.

  3. 3. "People You Know"

    This song I’ve had on repeat for the past couple of days. I instantly related to it because I’ve gone through the process of accepting that even though you had spent so much time with someone, and had lived so many nights with them, that someone can become a stranger to you. Sure, it isn’t fair and you may regret it, but that’s the way life is. People come and go in our lives like seasons. Selena obviously knows this inside and out because this song will continue to hit home after every listen. 

    Best lyrics:

    We used to be close, but people can go

    From people you know to people you don't

    And what hurts the most is people can go

    From people you know to people you don't

    When it was good, we were on fire

    Now I'm breathing ashes and dust

    I always wanna get higher

    I never know when enough is enough.

  4. 4. "A Sweeter Place" ft. Kid Cudi

    AH. Selena Gomez and Kid Cudi? Yes, please! I haven’t listened to Kid Cudi before this song, but his albums are definitely in my “to listen” list of artists. Just like “Rare” is the best song to open an album with, this song is the best way to end. Selena sings about finding her sweeter place in order to escape her fears and past experiences. Kid Cudi’s part adds the cherry on top to this anthem and I can only hope that they collab together again in the future. 

    Best lyrics:

    Is there a place where I can hide away?

    Red lips, french-kiss my worries all away

    There must be a sweeter place

    We can sugar-coat the taste

    A sweeter place

    There must be a sweeter place.

  5. 5. "Ring"

    This is THAT song. The song that you blast when you need a boost of confidence, or when you’re getting ready for a night out. Selena admits that she can be a heartbreaker and “ghost” her lovers, but in the end, they’re just puppets on a string. Or so she sings. When I listened to this song for the first time, the chorus was too catchy to forget. 

    Best lyrics:

    Yeah, I received your message, all twenty-three (Twenty-three)

    You know I'm Jordan with it, G-O-A-T (G-O-A-T)

    Obviously, you know I'm aware of that

    I'm breaking hearts like a heart attack

    I got him right where the karats at

    Wrapped 'round my finger like a ring, ring, ring

    They just like puppets on a string, string, string

    I put it down, they call me up

    They doing way too much

    So I just let it ring, ring, ring.

After four years, Selena Gomez is back. I’ve watched countless interviews where she talks about the album and I couldn’t be more proud. Even though I don’t know her personally, I’m so happy that she’s finally released something that is the essence of healing and finding herself through the midst of everything that has happened. This decade has just begun but I’m positive that Rare will stand strong with each passing year.

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