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My Top 10 Movies for a Self-Care Night In

Every once in a while, the time calls for a night in where I take a hot bath, do my nails, make a new playlist, put on a face mask or two and of course, put a nice movie on to help click mute on the rest of the world. When that time comes, here is the list of movies I definitely will be choosing from.  


This is one of my favorite films of all time. I could talk about it for days. To this day, I question whether I lived my high school experience to the fullest and watching the first featured film directed by Olivia Wilde, I feel as if I am living out my last night of youth alongside best friends Amy and Molly — those seemingly large voids are magically fulfilled. It captures the diverse dynamic of high school and life that I personally have never seen done so organically and authentically. I have the highest appreciations for this movie and it will stay on this list until the end of time.  

‘The Edge of Seventeen’

I have never connected with a character more than I do with Nadine Franklin. This movie highlights all the uncomfortable and heartbreaking aspects of navigating one’s own mind as a teenage girl. Through and through, it makes me fall in love with my adolescence and resurfaces a strong appreciation for all my awkward stages of youth. 


In the sweetest of summaries, this movie, released in 1995, makes my inner girly girl shine through against all odds. Honestly, it’s the ultimate style look-book with witty jokes placed perfectly in between costumes changes.  

‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’ 

Yes, the title itself sums of my teenage years and, unapologetically, my young adult self as well. This is the first movie I can vividly remember begging my parents to take me to go see in theatres. The visuals of this one permanently affected the way I daydream and express the recollections of my life. The nostalgia factor alone makes this one top 10 material, hands down.  

‘Never Goin’ Back’

This is another token film for me, highlighting the mischievous and funny nature of female friendships. After spending all their rent money on a trip to Galveston, the movie follows best friends Angela and Jess on an adventure of raunchy and what some would call insane schemes to replace it all and escape their boring, suburban town. 

‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’

It would be nearly criminal for me to not throw a musical into this list. Don’t get me wrong, I am a ride or die fan of the original film. However, something about watching young Donna gallop around, sing and dance while finding love with not one, not two, but three guys makes my heart flutter with the urge to go out and do the same.  

‘Big Time Adolescence’  

A new find of mine that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. Although it seems to be disguised as a simple indie comedy, the underlying nature of the film is the saddening need teenage Mo feels to rush growing up and impress the people around him by creating trouble for himself on large scales. For me, it was quite a soothing watch to just follow this kid’s mischiefs around until it all comes back full circle.  


I am truly a sucker for a cliché coming-of-age film about a group of teenage best friends trying to figure out their lives leading up to the end of high school. It cracks the right jokes and tugs at the heartstrings when necessary. Not the most complex of watches, but for a night in, it truly has the feel-good energy needed.  

‘Someone Great’

This Netflix Film weirdly makes me long for having my heart shattered into a m​illion pieces after ending a nine-year relationship and having my closest friends comfort me in the hopes of me moving on as we get into all kinds of trouble around New York City. It truly takes a personal watch to grasp the exact feeling every scene, joke or moment can make me feel. It captures the beautiful essence of female friendships and their ability to make a broken heart not so broken anymore. If I’m choosing to stay in for the night and pamper with a movie on, this one will do the trick. 

‘Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List’  

The concept of this film itself is what sparks the charm of it for me. Two best friends, Naomi and Ely, whose number one thing in common is their taste in men and their list of names is to ensure it’s not the thing that breaks them apart. It follows a unique dynamic between friends that is never not entertaining to watch. 

Erin Jones is a senior at the University of Central Florida, studying advertising and public relations. Her interests include writing and playing music, film, and fashion.
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