My Thought Process While Getting a Drastic Haircut

 My 20th birthday was in November and I wanted to get a new haircut. It was a long time coming, since my ends were splitting faster than my ex-boyfriend and me. At first, I wanted to cut my hair to my shoulders, but I thought, I’m turning into a new decade so why couldn’t I look different? That was when I decided to cut my hair into a pixie cut and donate my hair to children with cancer. Although people told me that it wouldn’t look good on me, I continued to scroll through a handful of pictures on Pinterest and hoped for the best. When the day came to get the bog chop, I was excited and nervous. Here is my though process while getting my drastic haircut:

1) This is not going to look bad. Women are always getting curly pixie cuts. Right?

2) Why am I doing this? Maybe if I leave now, then I can forget this and go home.

3) No. I’m excited to get this haircut. I am going to look fabulous, who cares what everything says?

4) This lady is amazing at washing hair. It’s like I’m getting a mini massage to my head. Can I stay here forever?

5) Okay, sitting in the chair. This is it. I’m actually getting this done.

6) The scissors are close to my hair. She already cut a portion of my hair. Yep, now I have a bob.

7) Yes, keep cutting. Don’t stop the scissors until I say so.

8) I hope a kid enjoys my hair as much as I have enjoyed it. Maybe I should do this again in a couple of years.

9) What the heck? My head feels so light!

Getting a drastic haircut can be from different situations in your life. You could be going through a break-up, getting a new job, or just for the hell of it. For me, it was a break-up from my teenage years, and I wanted to look brand new as I stepped into my 20’s. I did feel different as I stepped out of the hair salon and into my car. It was a new Karla, not improved because I still manage to cook too much pasta for one person. I’m slowly getting closer. 


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