My Freshman Year Recap

Wow… freshman year of college. It's coming to an end, although it feels like it just started yesterday. These past eight months have been exciting and incredible. The friends I have met, clubs I have joined and experiences I've had really shaped who I am. I want to recap my freshman year of college month by month and show others what it means to be a college student living away from home.

August and September

I took these two months to adjust to college life and get familiar with the campus. I attended many first-year events that gave me the opportunity to meet new people. Also, I was able to go to Disney for the first time without family in September. Although it was a new experience, I had an amazing time going with two of my friends.

October and November

These two months allowed me to find more of a routine. I took my first midterm and grew more accustomed to college life. My roommate and I hosted a Halloween event which allowed us to bring all of our friends together and celebrate with candy and games. This night was special because it brought my current friend group together and, to this day, we all hang out on the weekends and are very close.

In November, I went to my first Spirit Splash and Light Up UCF carnival. Both of these events are staples of UCF and allowed me to get even more involved with the school. Although I didn't win a duck at Spirit Splash, I’m lucky to have another three chances.

December and January

In December, I took my first set of finals. They were successful, but also nerve-wracking to study for. Also, I was able to reconnect with all my friends from back home and those who attended different colleges. I spent the month working with one of my best friends too, which was entertaining to say the least.

In January, I started my second semester in college with new classes. I also joined four (yes, four) clubs that allowed me to meet incredible people and further pursue my passion (shoutout to Her Campus). All of these people have made a positive impact in my life and I'm thankful for that.

February and March

These two months had its ups and downs, but I was able to grow so much. I found an empowering and helpful community in March For Our Lives and became more politically involved. Academically, I had a few (too many) moments where I felt stressed with everything I was doing this semester, but I’ve since learned to balance it out. Also, spring break gave me a much-needed opportunity to recharge and hang out with friends and family after a few months.


My last month of freshman year. That is absolutely insane. Although finals are coming up again, I would rather reflect on the amazing times I’ve had this year. I could not have asked for a more exciting and fun-filled first year and cannot wait for everything else that college has to offer.

With all that being said, I hope you all enjoyed my freshman year recap and make sure to reach out with any questions. I am always happy to help.

All images taken by the author.