My Favorite Songs From Tame Impala's New Album

On February 14, a day full of love, Tame Impala showed love to his fans by releasing his well-written album, The Slow Rush. The songs on the album are chill, alternative songs that help you relax and put you in a good mood. Although I love every song on the album, I have three songs that are my favorites.

  1. This song was actually the first I heard from The Slow Rush, and it’s also my favorite of the album. The main theme of the song is forgiveness, which relates to the singer’s strained relationship with his father. Multiple phrases in the song take listeners through the process of forgiving his father, even after his passing.

    The first half of the song covers the anger you go through when someone breaks your trust. In the second half, lyrics refer to the time in Tame Impala’s life when he came to a place of forgiveness. Not only is it touching that Tame Impala was able to forgive his father, but the song also inspires listeners to forgive those who have hurt them.

  2. Girl Holding Vinyl Record

    According to Tame Impala, the main topic he aimed to discuss in this song was memories. Through lyrics such as, “So if they call you, embrace them. If they hold you, erase them,” Tame Impala encourages listeners to look forward to the future while appreciating the past. 

    Tame Impala also encourages listeners to let go of painful stuff in the phrase, “You’re gonna have to let go someday.” Not only can fans dance to this upbeat tune, but they can take away those important messages. 

  3. headphones

    “Instant Destiny” discusses Tame Impala’s preparation for his proposal to his new wife, Sophie. He discusses how crazy it is that he is about to get married and settle down with the girl he loves. The lyrics, “I’m about to do something crazy. No more delaying...” in the chorus refer to his constant thoughts about the proposal. Have a special someone in your life? This love song is a great one to jam to with your significant other.

The Slow Rush is a wonderfully written album that Tame Impala clearly put a lot of work and thought into. Although these songs are my top three favorites, every song on the album is amazing and deserves listening. I highly suggest listening to the entire album; it’ll have you singing and dancing without a doubt.