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Motivation to Help You Survive Finals Week

Are you ready for the most dreadful week of the semester, collegiettes? Unfortunately, finals week is finally among us, and amidst the depths of your review sheets, textbooks (that you’re probably opening for the first time all semester), and those crumpled up notes in the bottom of your backpack, there’s probably a substantial amount of stress piled upon your shoulders. So since you’re already taking your break by reading HC, here are a couple of motivational sequences to get you to start studying and pass these finals!

Because who doesn’t need a little inspiration from three of the sexiest men on the planet?!

One way to talk yourself into studying is to bribe yourself. One of the greatest (and worst) things to bribe yourself with is food. Even a Starbucks run or a break for lunch can be a good thing. This way, you can get away from all the stress for at least an hour.

One of my favorite ways to get a little bit of inspiration for studying is to find a good study playlist. One of my favorites is here. Prepare for your exam with 7+ hours of easy going study music.

And who can resist an inspirational speech from the one and only Kid President? See his full “pep talk” here!

We all know how difficult and stressful that finals week can be, but once you finally buckle down and commit to studying, you’ll be able to ace those finals with no problem!

So, without further adue…

Happy studying!