A MirandaSings Halloween: UCF Edition

While many were either getting drunk at a party or T-Swifting away at Taylor Swift’s Tampa Halloween concert, I chose a different path for my Halloween festivities. In a culture where Halloween is synonymous with sexy costumes for women, I decided to go the less porn option: Miranda Sings. While this is an unusual choice for a collegiate, I was very excited about my choice.

Being an avid Mirfanda, I knew exactly how to achieve this persona. All I needed was a large blue-stripped button-up shirt, red sweatpants, red lipstick, and sock and sandal combo or Crocs. Pretty easy costume to assemble. 

Being a Mirfanda myself, it was an obvious Halloween costume choice despite the confused looks my friends gave me when I revealed my costume decision.

To add more adventure to my Halloween festivities, I decided to spend the day as the singer, actress, model, magician, and author.

Here are the common reactions I received during my UCF Halloween adventure.

1) Who are you? Do you not know how to put on lipstick?

The majority of people fell into this category. The adults and elderly of the UCF area did not know this very important lady. Thus, as I walked the aisles of Aldi and Wal-Mart, I was greeted my confused and judging faces wondering who I had chosen to dress up as.

2) You look familiar…

Then there was the group who has seen a MirandaSings video before but still were unsure of who I was. The name was on the tip of their tongues but no cigar. I was usually asked to reveal who I was and instantly they placed me. Many in this category praised my Miranda transformation.

3) OMG! You’re MirandaSings.

Funny enough only a few people made it to this category. This group made me proud of my costume choice. It was always exciting when someone knew who I dressed up as. It meant I did the famous Youtuber justice. Yay to my fellow Mirfands!

Miranda was probably one of the most comfortable and ridiculous costumes I have ever worn. With my extra-large blue-stripped button-up shirt, dark wine red sweatpants, smudged red lipstick, and sock and sandal combo, I was pretty happy with the costume's comfortability level, which can't be said about all Halloween outfits.

I would say it was a pretty hit-or-miss costume.  Either you knew MirandaSings or you were left questioning my sanity, outfit choices and lipstick-applying skills.

I would recommend any Mirfanda to attempt being our queen at least once for Halloween. The odds are very good for being the only MirandaSings. As you know, one-of-a-kind costumes are hard to come by.

Now it is time to say farewell to ghosts and witches and greet turkeys and Santas with great cheer. Happy November 1st! May Thanksgiving and the holiday season fill you with great joy.

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