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Meet Your New Favorite Photo App- Fotobom!

 Meet Your New Favorite Photo Editing App - Fotobom! If you’re anything like me, you love using emojis, making memes, and looking at funny pictures on the internet. Luckily for you, there’s a new app that allows you to easily make an unlimited amount of the most creative emojis, memes, and fun images your heart desires! Whether you’re embarrassing a friend on Twitter, posting the perfect response in a group message, or spicing up the average text conversation, Fotobom makes it fun and easy to manipulate your photos and send the perfect image. You can instantly remove backgrounds and clip photos using Fotobom's edge detection tool, create perfect cutouts in just a few seconds, or use cutouts that your friends have already made! Put your cutouts on new backgrounds to make fun and creative images. Make custom emojis and stickers of yourself, your friends, and anything you can imagine. This new app is fun and easy to use and it allows you to easily share your fabulous creations on social media.



Pulling yet ANOTHER all-nighter studying for midterms before spring break? Place yourself somewhere else! The beach, the bar, or even outer space! The possibilities are endless, and I know you clever collegiates can come up with some really hilarious pictures. In fact, the HerCampus UCF team would love to see what you can come up with! Tweet us your best fotobom creations with #fotobom at @HerCampusUCF.




Standard emojis are fun and all, but it's time to bring your texting conversations to the next level! With Fotobom, make fun emojis out of your friends, pets, or even yourself to make your messages really stand out. You've seen some examples and I've given you a few ideas, but now it's your turn! Download Fotobom for free in the App Store to step up your emoji, meme, and photo editing game! You can download Fotobom here, and if you need some inspiration, check out Fotobom's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


You've seen the examples and I've given you ideas, but now it's your turn!  Added bonus: one of our very own HerCampus writers is an ambassador for this app so show your support and download Fotobom today and get the meme party started!

Nichole is a junior at UCF majoring in Advertising/ Public relations who loves that tweeting is a huge part of her job description. Hobbies include stealing way too many free mints from restaurants, incorporating song lyrics into everyday conversation and becoming way too attached to TV series on Netflix. She hopes to one day become ridiculously famous for doing nothing like the Kardashians if the whole "get-married-to-Zac-Efron" thing doesn't pan out. Follow her on Instagram&Twitter @nicholesantana because she solemnly swears to never post a #SelfieSunday or #MCM. 
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