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Meet Hannah Whipple: Homecoming Queen Candidate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

At a glance, Hannah Whipple is a confident, professional young woman who has made her way to the top of every organization she is involved in. She is charismatic, ambitious, and very well organized. It’s no surprise that she has taken UCF by storm during her time here.

Hannah’s UCF experience started years ago when she moved with her family to Orlando from Toledo, Ohio. She always says, “I followed them, they didn’t follow me!” when talking about her family. She began as a nursing major, but before applying to the nursing program, she found a passion for leading events through an on campus organization called Cru. According to Hannah, the rest is history. “I realized the opportunity living in the number one destination in the world, switched to Rosen College of Hospitality, took steps to be involved on campus, and everything changed!” said Hannah. 


Hannah, now a senior, is well decorated with different roles and positions on campus. On any given weekday, she switches between her desk in the Student Union Administration office to her desk in the Student Government Association office.


Two years ago, Hannah was hired by the Student Union as an Event Planning Assistant to organize all the events that go on in the Student Union every day. Creating room reservations, coordinating simultaneous events, and being a friendly face for clients were just some of the job responsibilities. After a year of excelling, Hannah was promoted to Senior Event Planning Assistant, to manage all the Event Planning Assistants. During her year as the Senior EPA, she became notably involved in Knights on the Mall and quickly earned the title of Tailgate Operations Coordinator. Hannah enjoyed it so much that she handed off her Senior EPA position and became the Knights on the Mall Tailgating Coordinator. She was a main developer of the tailgates reservations system, which made it easier for organizations to enjoy game days rather than waking up at the crack of dawn to save a spot on Memory Mall. Hannah not only coordinates the reservations themselves, but also the entire set up crew and staff who run tailgates every game.


On by weeks, you might see Hannah more frequently in the Student Government Association office. In September of 2014, Hannah was named a Senator for the Rosen College of Hospitality and Management. Then, when Chris and Rachael took office as President and Vice President, Hannah was put on the 2016-2017 Executive Cabinet as the Director of Student Affairs. This means she serves as the primary advocate for students’ rights and privileges at UCF and oversees the Legislative Affairs Coordinator, Diversity Initiatives Specialist, and Academic Affairs Specialist.



As if those jobs aren’t enough to handle, Hannah was also the president of the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) at UCF for two years.It’s safe to say the actions of Hannah Whipple have affected almost every UCF student in some way. Thankfully, Hannah loves working and all the people she has met through her jobs at UCF. After graduation, she hopes to find a job she loves as much as the ones she has here. “I absolutely LOVE coming to work every day and continuing to grow as an individual, leader, and professional. Experiencing different management styles and seeing how decisions are made while holding a vested interest on the team is what is shaping me into the employee and employer I am becoming” said Hannah.


If you run into Hannah in the Student Union, you might be fooled by her professional appearance into thinking she is all work and no play. While she loves going to work every day, Hannah also makes plenty of time for her faith and her giant family. She says her family and her relationship with Jesus are some of the most important things to her. Even though Hannah comes from a big family (3 brothers, 3 sisters, and an adorable welsh corgi named Aspen), you wouldn’t know it based on how close they are. Her tight-knit family loves traditions and spending quality time together. 



Now that Hannah is a senior, she is wrapping up her time at UCF with a spot on the Homecoming Court. Looking poised, as ever in her Homecoming sash, she can’t wait for all the festivities this week.


Hannah is a perfect example of someone who leaves a place better than they found it. UCF is certainly a better place because of the strides she has taken here, and she will be missed when she graduates in May. Next time you find yourself walking through the Student Union or tailgating on Memory Mall, make sure to think of Hannah Whipple and her contribution to your experience at UCF.  



Photo credit: All pictures provided by interviewee

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