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Meanwhile Back at UCF…

There are some things that just happen every year. Some things are funny, some are inconveniences you just have to deal with, and some are perplexing. Coming back for my third fall semester, here are a few things I’ve noticed along the way.

Parking Impossible
The first week is always the worst. It isn’t summer anymore where half the lots are empty and you can get to the lot five or ten minutes before class and still show up on time. It takes nearly a full half hour if you’re lucky enough to live close to campus – makes me miss the days of living on campus and walking everywhere. Yet somehow as the weeks flow on it gets a little easier. Students find a routine, they find the garages and lots they prefer, and drive searching in a consistent direction. So don’t worry, it’ll get better. Hang in there, but make sure to give yourself enough time in case of the unexpected traffic jam.

Crowded Gym
It’s the start of the semester, a fresh start, and a perfect time to start getting in shape. The whole campus gets up in excitement, pulling on their shorts and lacing up their shoes. They head to the huge UCF gym, and whenever you get there all the treadmills, elliptical machines and purple mats will be taken. The first week is the most crowded, the second week many are still hanging onto their goals, by week three and four the numbers will dwindle. Often 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. are more crowded, but try it out. See what works for you if you want that treadmill time.

Lookin’ cute on Day 1
Summer styles are all out in a flurry of color on the first day. This year the trendiest colors are coral and teal, and there was plenty on day one. Even though we’ve all had at least 12 first days of school in our lives, there’s still a little bit of excitement to dress to impress. There is such a variety of styles expressed on our diverse campus; it’s fun to see. Hey, you’ll never know who you’ll see right? (Insert wink face here).

Messy bun hair and you just don’t care Week 2
Many hang onto their pattern dresses, beaded necklaces and sparkly sandals until that day comes where the sweatpants come out. They make you feel closer to the bed you wish you were still in with their comforting fabric, and make plastic desk chairs a little more bearable. Besides, most buildings at UCF (especially the Nicholson Communications building) are dropping to tundra temperatures. Fashion is nice, but nothing beats those comfy sweats and a t-shirt or tank. It’s okay for your fashion statement to say “Sexy and I know it, but too comfy to show it,” “I don’t care,” or “I wish I was still asleep.” The fashion police won’t get you, I promise.

Webcourses and/or MyUCF tell you no
It’s astounding that every year this happens. A reasonable person might think that we could tell technology to do anything and it would obey seamlessly. Unfortunately, servers can be overloaded. It’s frustrating and it’s inconvenient, but it will get better. It just takes time to settle into all the changes that Webcourses and MyUCF have to handle. Sometimes they shut down and won’t let you get your work done, find your syllabus so you can go buy the overpriced textbook you need, and remind you what number combination and acronym your class title has. But never fear, for there are wonderfully talented techs to fix it.

The first week is past, we have all shared the frustration and the laughs, and now the semester will really get going. Good luck, ladies!

Samantha Henry is a Feature Writer for HCUCF and is a junior double majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. As a music festival enthusiast, she loves to write about music and how it influences our generation.
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