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As an avid makeup lover, I love looking back and appreciating the roots of how makeup trends began. Makeup has grown into artistry and that is very apparent as we scan down the decades’ trends. Let’s dive into the glamour of the Roaring ’20s to present-day 2000s. 

Roaring ’20s 

As soon as I think of the ’20s three things come to my mind: glamour, Gatsby and a bold red lip. It was the time where women began making their presence known by smoking in public and using feathers with sequin dresses. The carefree attitude of the ’20s was embodied in the bold smoky eye makeup in grey and blue hues. Pale skin was a thing of the past and along came with it blush, or rouge as it was called. Back in the ’20s it was applied in a harsh circle in berry or rose tones. 


Styles of the ’60s

The next dramatic shift for makeup trends occurred in the ’60s. In the ’40s and ’50s the craziest change to the makeup scene was occasionally matching your eyeshadow to your outfit for a color-coordinated look. The ’60s is when the popular doll face look came into play. Light rosy pink and peach shades were worn to compliment the cheeks and lips. The face was kept pretty natural because all the drama came from the eyes. Heavy shadow in blue and pink were used while thick lashes were the real show stopper. This is where the use of fake lashes became a trend. Now feathery, natural-looking brows were the most popular. Makeup in this decade is starting to resemble the trends of our current generation.

Shimmer into the ’70s 

Eyeshadow was all over in the ’70s. It was popular to use one color up into the crease. As the eyes were bold so were the lips in shades of plum, peach-pinks and red. Mascara was prominent on the lashes because they came in bright colors like blue, green and red. Eyeliner was also a popular item if you wanted to make a bold statement. In the ’70s you could wear your makeup bold or play it down, it was up to your style.


Be Bold in the ’80s

The ’80s were not a time to fear color. Eyeshadow was worn to make a bold statement. Colorful looks were a staple of this era. Heavy eyeliner and defined lashes were also significant. The raccoon look was a serious trend that colored this era’s makeup look. Along with the colorful eyes, the lips were usually kept in a soft, barely-there pink hue. It was popular to not pluck your brows to give a bushy, bold appearance. 

Nothing like the ’90s

I remember getting my first eyeshadow palette and immediately trying to recreate the iconic blue eyeshadow look of the time. Eyeshadow definitely ranged from blue, icy looks and gold-silver glitter. Red lipstick has always been popular, but the bold lip took a turn in the ’90s. Instead of a cherry lip, mauve burgundy tones were the trend. The black eyeliner also added to the sultry look. This is where smudged black liner and cat-eye became part of the makeup culture. 

Totally 2000s Trends

Celebrities were setting the makeup trends in this decade. Glossy lips were a must-have for a perfect pout. Clear squeezy tube glosses were a must to look the part. This is when the bronzed trend that still is alive today began. The blue eyeshadow was still prominent but also experimenting with other colors and glitter were definitely popular. One of my favorite looks of this time is the combination of the smoky eye and glossy lips the perfect mix between sultry and natural. The rosy cheeks also came in style but applied from the cheekbones up to the temple to try and make it more natural. The looks of the 2000s are definitely filled with nostalgia. 

Makeup definitely had its defining trends and moments over the decades. It’s crazy to see how celebrities and the atmosphere of the era impacted these makeup looks. Nowadays, our makeup trends are still being made. Highlighter is a new trend for this era along with perhaps a comeback from old trends. 

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Laura is currently a Senior at the University of Central Florida studying Business and Professional Communication. She loves everything to do with organization and trying to keep her life on track. She is a coffee addict thanks to her Colombian roots. When she is not studying she enjoys playing with makeup and obsessivley shopping for home decor. 
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