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The Magic of Music

Music is universal. It is one of the few things that bring people from all over the planet together. People of all genders, ages and ethnic groups listen to and appreciate music, no matter what their reason may be. Some use it for ritual; some use it for entertainment; some use it for meditation.

College students especially are brought together by the magic of music. It creates friendships, a sense of community, inspiration, and it affects our school work, our moods and our goals. You can be in a sad mood and listen to a song that instantly makes you feel better. You can have an instant connection with someone just by liking the same song as them. You can cry just from hearing a song that brings back a memory. You can get the goose bumps just from listening to a certain song. Music truly affects the way we feel.

Not only does music create relationships, friendships and a sense of community, but it can also be used for health. This is the magic of music. The way I see it, music is medicine for the heart, and for many reasons, too.

First, listening to music after having surgery or getting hurt helps serve as a distractor and even relaxes your breathing, blood pressure and heartbeat. It helps to speed up the healing process. Music even helps to enhance your reading and math skills as well as your concentration, productivity, memory and attention. So, next time you have a research paper to write or need an escape during an hour of hard math problems, turn the music up and let it take you away.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Music also gives you energy and improves your athletic performance. I’m sure you girls are no strangers to listening to music while you work out, but that isn’t just for entertainment or to make time pass quickly. Upbeat music makes you less tired and helps improve your coordination.

And it still doesn’t stop there.

Can’t sleep at night? Listen to slow, quiet music. It instantly helps to reduce stress and help relax your body. Calming music relaxes your muscles, while upbeat tunes help get rid of negative emotions that may be keeping you up at night. With that being said, it is not surprising that music is one of the best ways to get out of a depression. To put it simply, music makes you happy.

To any music lovers out there, it’s no surprise that listening to a good song can put you in a happy, carefree mood. But music can do so much more than that. It seems that music can solve almost every problem you come across. So, if you’re feeling down, tired, or just want to make a new friend, talk about music or listen to your favorite song. Music is the universal medicine for happiness and comfort. 

Kathryn Tromba is a Junior at the University of Central Florida. She is majoring in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication and minoring in Magazine Journalism. She is the Twitter Manager for @HerCampusUCF, the Public Relations Chair for Rent the Runway UCF, and a Campus Ambassador for InternQueen.com.
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