A Love Letter to My 5 Favorite '90s Items

Although our time together was short (two years, yes I know) I wanted to thank you, the '90s, for having some of the most iconic items that a kid could ask for! My love for all the wonderful chocolate and toys that represented this decade has only grown in the past 21 years of my life. So this letter is an ode to your wonderful existence — thank you.

  1. 1. Tamagotchi

    I remember my first Tamagotchi like it was yesterday. Living in a household with no pets had led me to rely on taking care of my first Tamagotchi 24/7 like it was my own child. One of my favorite memories as a child were the ones where I got to take care of a small web-based animal. Tamagotchis taught me responsibility and discipline even as a child and for that, I am ever so grateful!

  2. 2. Wonder Ball

    If you’ve ever had a Wonder Ball, you know the amazing taste of chocolate complimented with the sweet, tart, tangy flavor of the colorful insides that would ooze out after the chocolate ball was cracked. As a child, one of the most vivid memories I had was begging my mom in the candy aisle to buy me a Wonder Ball. Needless to say, it worked every time and I can confidently say I’ve had way too many (but also not enough) in this lifetime.

  3. 3. Brain Quest

    Brain Quest and I have a love-hate relationship. While I may have hated it when my parents forced me to study, I must admit I learned some pretty cool facts from it. I’d even love to go as far as to attribute it to improving my study habits and my relatively extensive knowledge of random facts! 

    For example, did you know 5 x 6 = 31?

  4. 4. Littlest Pet Shop 

    Littlest Pet Shop was just as cute as you’d imagine it to be. What’s better than tiny animal figurines with the biggest eyes? Nothing. As a kid, I’ve always wanted the frog pet, and unfortunately, still haven’t gotten one!

  5. 5. Sweet Tart Lipsticks

    When I first started wearing makeup, it was a Sweet Tart Lipstick. No, I am not ashamed to say that this Sweet Tart Lipstick will always beat any Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson lipstick (don’t hate me!) These lipsticks were not only super cute, but they were just as tasty and never failed to make me smile!

My love for you has not died down. I'm still just as inclined to spend copious amounts of money on you, just so I can relive my childhood. Just remember you will not be forgotten!

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