Love Advice That Will Make You Want to Fall in Love

Our world has become obsessed with hooking up and no-strings-attached relationships. This hookup culture could make any person looking for a loving and committed relationship lose hope. I would have been categorized under this as my parents got divorced; however, I still believe in love. My hopeless romanticism comes from the greatest love story I’ve ever seen: my mom’s parents, my grandparents. With over sixty years of experience in love, I had my grandpa answer questions about my Bubbe (grandma in Yiddish) — and love in general.

  1. 1. What are some traits of Bubbe that make your relationship work for over sixty years?

    “Bubbe has always been and continues to be a loving, caring person. Bubbe thoughtfully has managed our family of children and grandchildren, loving each of the 14 as cherished gifts of God.” 


  2. 2. Is there any advice you would give to young adults who struggle to find someone to love and be in a committed relationship?

    “Patience is an absolute. Today’s frenetic world offers zillions of choices with everything and decisions are difficult. Stress likes and dislikes and find common denominators to build upon. Make small decisions of insignificance before moving on to areas of importance. Don’t rush to “bed” to get that out of the way. Hold hands while walking or watching a movie. Affections works best all the time. Listening to and participating in conversations never fails. Try things before deciding what you might enjoy — ballet, opera, football, stage shows, walk around.”

  3. 3. How did you know you were in love and wanted to spend the rest of your life with Bubbe? Did it happen gradually or was it right away?   

    “Being with is different than spending with a person. While listening to and communicating with someone, one wants and develops more than attraction. Welcome to love.” 


Even in a world of dating apps and commitment-phobic people, it's possible to find love. Just take a deep breath and, as always, give time for relationships to develop. Life is too short to be hung up on a "Netflix and chill" relationship. 

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