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The Lighter Side of Irma: Best Memes and Facebook Events Created by Floridians

NOTE: Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Irma. We understand that this is a very serious situation and are in no way making light of the effects of the storm. This article is simply meant to showcase a cultural phenomenon that occurred before the storm among college students. 


Before Hurricane Irma hit, Florida college students responded by doing what they do best: making memes. Before the storm hit Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were “flooded” with funny jokes about Hurricane Irma. Everyone was nervous about the impacts of the storm, but humor brought the Florida community together- one meme at a time. 


Creative Facebook events were made… 

This event went straight to the heart of sorority girls everywhere. 


Political groups on campus chimed in.


 Hamilton fans came up with a musical solution. 


Some throwback *NSYNC and Mean Girls events were created. 


This event paid homage to that one person we all know who is “technically a junior”. 


And lastly, the events became self-aware and super meta. 


Floridians across the state also came through with some great memes… 






The outpouring of memes and events just shows how even when faced with a hurricane, Floridians unite over one common bond – their love of internet humor. 


Jillian James is a senior at the University of Central Florida. She is majoring in Writing and Rhetoric and minoring in Mass Communication (because apparently you can’t minor in Beyoncé studies). Her favorite food is free because she is a college student and the two loves of her life are Ben and Jerry (of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fame). If she’s not writing or reading she is probably watching The Office or waiting in line at Starbucks. She loves to show off her dance moves in “inappropriate” places like the grocery store. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Jillianrosej, where she frequently posts things that make people think that she has her life together. 
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