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Life as a Hairstylist’s Daughter

By simply inferring from the title, I bet you’re assuming this article is about me bragging about all the luxuries I have because my mom is a hairstylist. Not to say that I’m not extremely lucky, because don’t worry I am very grateful to have such a talented mother and I am definitely self aware, but I want to shed light on the somewhat burdensome pressure that is placed on myself because I have a parent working in the beauty industry.

Now, you’re probably questioning on how I could look at this unique, rewarding position I am in and find a negative in it. I’m about to enlighten you on the pressure that, I feel, is placed on me to have Victoria Secret, bouncy, silky, smooth hair. Most people I know are aware of the fact that my mother is a hairstylist, and a great one might I add. Whether they know this because they are my friends from home, my friends in college, or I’ve flat out raved about my mom being exceptional at what she does, it is a pretty well known fact. With that being said, because of the hype and esteem, I constantly, frantically live in fear of having my hair look horrendous. This may be my anal, type A personality talking; however, I really do feel this way. I can never just leave my apartment with damp hair and go about my day because I have self-proclaimed Harry Styles locks, except he can pull it off and I really can’t. It is just not in the hair tarot cards for me. And don’t even get me started on the rain. Living in Florida, I am constantly afraid of unforeseen rain because like any normal basic Jewish girl, my hair is not fond of the rain. Because my mother’s loyal list of clients back home in Plantation, Florida are living, breathing advertisements of her work, so am I. I’m not only a walking ad of showing off my hair like her clients, I am also a literal embodiment of her. I’m her blood. I’m her DNA. My mom and I like to joke that we are more similar, than my twin sister, Madison. I guess you could say the whole concept of not wanting your parent(s) to be disappointed in you comes into play. I definitely don’t want to let her down, along with all the potential and current cliental I come across. Plus, I also never want to have ugly hair because um, hello, no one has ever went to a hairstylist and specifically asked for an ugly hairstyle, cut or color. That just isn’t a something that occurs. So, I selfishly want to have glorious hair for myself and for others to fawn over, but I also generously want to have gorgeous tresses because of my hair guru mommy.

Enough with the #HairStress I face internally and externally, I’ll focus on the pros of having a hair whisper as a mom. For starters, one of the most important qualities to have in a human being, but especially when it comes to someone’s who is styling, cutting, dying your hair is trust. Trust is a key component in life, regardless of gender, and this is surely applicable when getting a trim or a makeover. Obsessing over one’s appearance is common amongst the beauty industry. I’m so lucky that my crazy-side doesn’t come out too often, while sitting in my mom’s chair. However, she would probably beg to differ. I may drive her nuts regarding my hair, but ultimately I trust her with my life, just like I trust her with my hair. After all, she gave birth to me. Along with trusting my hair expert, I am also comfortable with her. Being comfortable with her obviously has to do with the fact that she is my mother, but essentially, she is good at what she does, which is why she has loyal cliental and consistent customer satisfaction. Another advantage that I definitely take for granted is that I get my hair done for FREE. I fail to realize how expensive beauty upkeep can be, until friends and peers remind me of how fortunate I truly am. It is such a privilege to have a mom who can beautify me whenever and wherever I desire. But the top plus, without a doubt, has to be that my mom is one talented lady! In regards to the other upsides, being a hair genius is the most important aspect. Without skill and technique, my mom would not be where she is today, and neither would I.

So, as much as this is a run through of my thought process on what it is like to be a daughter of hair artist, it is also a thank you note to my mom for not only being my personal hairstylist, but for being the best mom out there. I am so thankful for everything you do and so blessed to have you as my best friend. Shout out to Jules for killin’ the parenting, friendship and hairstyling game.

If you want to see my mom, Julie Hallman, in action and get the best hair experience of your life, visit Salon Savvy in Plantation, Florida. She specializes in cut, color and blowouts.


Junior at the University of Central Florida. In the words of Britney Spears, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman".
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