A Letter From a Picky Eater

To whom it may concern: 

I'm writing this on behalf of all the picky eaters in your life. We're fed up with the disrespect and it's time we got a chance to explain ourselves. Yes, we may not like certain vegetables or sushi, but that doesn't make us less of an adult then you! It's hard explaining to every person that I wish I could be basic and love avocado toast, but I just don't! Trust me, I've tried it before and it's just not a fun time for my taste buds.

Now, I'm not just going to sit here and yell at you because I could see where there could be a misunderstanding. I guess you could say there are two types of picky eaters. Type A would be what we call the "I don’t want to try that" picky eater. This is what everyone thinks of; the friend that orders chicken fingers as a go-to at every restaurant. The one who won't even smell new foods or even look their way.

Then, there's Type B which are what I would call the "not by choice" picky eater. That’s me. I LOVE trying new foods but do I always like them? No. 75% of the time, I can't get behind the trend. It’s not me, it's my taste buds. I wish people understood this simple fact: I want to like new foods because it would make my life easier. I wouldn’t have to stress when ordering at restaurants or worry when I go to eat at a new place. 

So yeah, I understand the confusion because of the "I don’t want to try that" picky eaters, but just understand that’s not all of us! Also, who cares if they don't want to try new foods? It's good to encourage us but sometimes we're just not up to the challenge. As a friend, you could be understanding of our misfortune of having plain taste buds. It's nice having friends who make you try new foods but it's also embarrassing when they insist you eat foods you can't even look at.

So take it from a picky eater, we don't like being made fun of or picked on for our food choices. Just stay in your lane and refuse the urge to make your picky eater friend eat something they’ve stated they hate. Our likes and dislikes shouldn’t bother you that much to tweet about it. It can be annoying, but you'll see how much easier it is when you stop being so obsessed with us.


Your Favorite Picky Eater

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