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Letter to Myself


Have you ever sat and just written a letter to yourself? One that is for your eyes to enjoy? Don’t you ever wonder what it would be like to read it a few years later? To see how much your life has changed? It’s crazy, but there are so many little moments we forget from year to year that if we just took the moment to write them down, we wouldn’t forget anymore. After reading this you should take 15- 20 minutes and just write a few things down. Include the moments you laughed, the moments you cried, a list of the people you could not live without, and any other moment that left an impression. Place that letter to the side for at least a year and see just what has changed. Maybe those moments you cried about then, you either forgot about or make you laugh. Those moments you once laughed about could bring about even greater laughs today, and chances are some of the people on your list can now be crossed off. Imagine doing that for not just one year, but editing it each and every year. Do you believe any of those moments from the first time you sat and wrote stuff down would have been remembered? Not to mention your list of people you can’t live without probably had numerous scribbles and new names added to the bottom. I took the time to write a letter to myself my senior year of high school. My teacher, Mr. Reed, told us one class period to write down what was in our hearts as we came close to graduating. He later collected our letters and planned to send them to us the following year when those kids graduated. He did just that. After I finished my first year in college I received the letter to myself.

Hey Me,


Pain is fast and rare. The friends you lost seems like it will never be ok. You went home for nights wishing things would go back. But they made their choice. Having those boyfriends for so long was not an easy end. You lost two best friends, the first one left you scarred that is for sure. I hope your hearts not his anymore, but take a moment to see how he is. I bet you’ve fallen for another cutie though! Make sure he is worth it because any relationship leaves your heart shattered. Remember how much you cried. I bet you feel silly now. I hope you’re still supporting your brother! Do not forget you love baseball! You also better be working out because you still do hope to be a model one day! You can do it. You’re strong. Stronger than people would think. I hope you’re not living at home, or both homes, because it honestly stinks. Call your parents today though because they love you. Yeah sure your mom always encouraged you to lose 10 lbs, but hey you know you always wanted to. Keep writing. I know now you stink with punctuation, but hopefully at UF they fixed that problem. Write about love and family, that’s what you know. Be bold and beautiful because one day you’ll get to interview Tim Tebow and you love him!  


Reading it today made me kind of emotional because it is almost two years since I wrote this letter. Since then, those friendships I thought were gone for good are actually the best relationships I have. That boy I thought would have my heart forever has long been forgotten, and I did meet a cutie who stole my heart! I never did lost those 10 lbs but hey-I haven’t forgotten. I still want to, I just also still love eating as much as I did when I wrote that. Luckily my brother is still healthy and kicking butt out on the baseball field. I am not living at home, however, I can not make it to all his games the way I use to. But I am still one of his biggest supporters, and will be when he’s off to college next year. Clearly I did not end up at UF, but I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am in Orlando loving everyday of it. Interviewing Tim Tebow would have been tricky since he wasn’t playing on a field anymore, however he just signed so watch out Tebow you might be seeing me soon!

Write it right now! You will be glad you did! I sure was

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