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A Letter to My Alma Matter

It’s so weird to think that my time as a UCF student has come to an end. My college years did not start here (I’m still sad about it), but in the end, I’m so happy that I’ve had the chance to be a Knight and make so many memories in such a short amount of time. Also, I’m so thankful to be a part of a time where we are getting the recognition we deserve. I’ve learned so much throughout my time here! From learning to live with roommates to learning to cook for myself,  I’ve had the adventure of a lifetime. Here is my thank you note to this big and beautiful place that I’ve called home for the past year and a half (Jimmy Fallon, I hope one day you’ll read this and be proud) Cue the music…. 

Thank you, UCF, for giving me such great friends. When I first came here I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t sure what to expect. From going to football games, helping me find my way around campus, trying new restaurants, or going to events around Orlando, my friends have taught me what Orlando and UCF are all about. Also, they’ve taught me that there is (and will be) so much more to see and do in the future. I can’t wait to make new memories together as alumni! 

Thank you UCF, our football team, and Coach Frost for our NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP season! Thank you for all of your hard work, bringing back the school spirit, and making students want to stay the whole game. Thank you, Coach Frost for coming back to coach the Peach Bowl and showing students and alumni that no matter what team you’re coaching for or what state you live in, UCF will always have a special place in your heart. You will be missed!

Thank you, UCF, for reminding me how important it is to give back. I was lucky enough to be a part of UCF’s Dance Marathon (Knight-Thon)! My team and I danced for 20 hours with other clubs and organizations to raise money for the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. Hearing the miracle families speak about how they’ve overcome their challenges because of the money that UCF students raised was worth the sore feet. It reminded me to be thankful for the people around you, and that you can get through any challenge as long as you have love and support around you.  

Whether you are walking out of the arena on graduation day with a job, an internship, going to grad school, or if you are still trying figure out your life (join the club), I hope that we can leave with the same goal. To quote the great Hannah Montana, I hope you can “always find your way back home,” and fill the stands for many more National Championship seasons to come. Go Knights and charge on!  

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edited by Nicole Wills

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