A Letter to the Girl That Can’t Say No

To the girl that can’t say no,

You are not obligated to anything or anyone. Saying yes today may feel right today but sting tomorrow.

Don’t think solely of others in your decisions. And don’t let others guilt you into choices.

That opportunity may be right for someone, but maybe it’s not right for you. 


Know your limits. You’re not used to limits. 

I know that it’s hard. You like to please people. You like feeling validated. You like feeling seen.

Live for you

But there comes a point when living for others takes a toll on you. Your life doesn’t feel like yours. Your days feel like borrowed time.

I know this story so well... because I’m the girl that can’t say no.

Living for the moment

I feel obligated to everything and everyone. I hate passing up opportunities.

It feels right in the moment, but later I’m filled with regret.

Living for others

I often think of others when making my decisions, neglecting my deepest calling.

I let others guilt me into choices.

Walk all over me

I know opportunities aren’t right for me, but I make them work.

I lose sense of my limits. I’m often a human doormat.

It is so hard. I love to please people and feel validated. 

I like feeling seen.

But my life doesn’t feel like mine when I live like this. My days feel like stolen time.

Now, I’m the girl that says no. And you can be, too.

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