A Letter To All New England Patriots' Haters

Dear haters of the reigning Super Bowl LVIII Champions,

We’ve heard enough. Foolish remarks and name calling won’t change the fact that the Brady-Belichick dynasty is still standing strong. The Patriots deserve to be recognized for their greatness because we, my friends, are witnessing history that we may never see again in our lifetime. From eight straight AFC championship games to six Super Bowl wins, no one can deny that Tom Brady is the GOAT.


“But they cheat,”

haters will say. Bandwagon haters are the worst, as a majority of the people are; as they have no clue what the facts are, they’ll hate on them because it’s “cool.” Why would a team with the greatest quarterback of all time and a pretty darn good defense try to sink their own dynasty? Cold weather has a harsh impact on football pressure, as Deflategate happened in the midst of January where it can be two degrees Fahrenheit in Foxborough, MA. I’m just saying that’s the tea, sis.



Caught up with some old friends this weekend.

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“Give someone else a shot.”

That’s funny because the National Football League isn’t about being fair, it’s about who’s the best of the best. We actually almost did give someone else a shot in Super Bowl LVI, but instead, claimed the title of the best Super Bowl comeback in history, oops. To put it in simpler terms, no one's as good as the New England Patriots!



All the feels this time of year.

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“Brady’s too old.”

At 41-years-old, Tom Brady claims himself as “in the best shape he’s ever been.” With a steady line of nutrition supplements (no, not steroids, you fools) that he’s created with a basis of plant-sourced energy, Brady has had a steady line of success, and that certainly has to do with his religious exercise routine and the TB12 diet. As Brady eats his avocado toast with six rings on his fingers, he’s in the hunt for a seventh (hey Ariana Grande) to greater the dynasty to a whole other level in the 2019 season.

I hope I’ve inspired you to cheer us on in Super Bowl LIV. I dare you to bet against us. Though I ask you this: remember, anything is possible, Falcons: 28 Patriots: 3.

I hope you enjoyed Super Bowl LVIII.


Ashley Reichert

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