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Wandering around campus after the sun sets doesn’t mean people won’t notice your outstanding style and it just so happens this particular scenario directly applies to senior Anasa Payne. From vintage finds to fun and flirty florals, this IO Comm major knows exactly what she likes.

Anasa embraces her spring spirit even during the late hours of the night. Her bright and classic floral dress adds a fresh flare to her otherwise darker accessories.

She reps her AKPSI shiny gold letters on a very functional and complementing dark blue cardigan.

(Side note: We all know late night classes can get a little bit on the chilly side and it’s actually very easy to make a light sweater both comfortable and cute! Just pair it up with a bold statement necklace like this)

Everything Anasa has on is cohesive and fresh. It’s important to keep in mind to incorporate the boldest color of an outfit in small, yet powerful doses. Her bright berry lipstick always reminds us of a fresh happy touch of spring. Even the adorable little umbrella she carries around adds a special charm to the entire look.

The vintage inspiration never leaves this bold girls side and apparently neither does her heritage. Her mother’s leather bag from the 90’s, dainty pearl earrings and classic gold jewelry all combined take her tan brown leather boots to another level. She looks feminine, collected, and ready to tackle on the gruesome 3-hour class ahead with a just the right type of spring in her step. 

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