Last Minute Costumes For the Girl Who's Gotta Dash

October: the month of spooky frights, sweet delights and midterms. Sorry to ruin it for you future collegiates, but October soon will be filled with exams, cram sessions and little to no free time to fantasize over complex cosplays and costumes meant to grace the pages of Pinterest. On that note, needing last minute costumes becomes every girl’s worst nightmare two hours before the Halloween party. We’ve been there, so here are three staples in your (or your roommate's) closet that can easily be made into DIY and party ready-ready outfits!


If you don't have at least one pair of jeans that you would take to your grave, I suggest you go get a pair. Jeans are one of the most versatile pieces in a closet and can be used for many different costumes!

Rosie the Riveter: 

Red lipstick, a bandana from middle school field day, and a blue or jean button down. Simple and iconic, something that anyone can root for!

Young Donna Sheridan (Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again):

Donna Sheridan is the free-spirited queen we all wish to be, so channel her in your best bellbottoms or denim romper with a button down or peasant blouse! Extra points if you have go-go boots or platform shoes on standby.

Woodstock Attendee:

Let's face it, Coachella could never. Inspired by the history-changing musical movement, "Woodstock In My Mind" by our goddess Lana Del Rey is the getting ready song for the flower child in all of us. Pair your favorite denim jeans with a headscarf, sun-kissed makeup and all of the accessories—and of course rose-colored sunnies. Go in for an extra touch with paint or patchwork on your denim for a vagabond vibe. 

White Button Down

Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly Golightly:

If it's possible to make a white button down a fashion statement, Breakfast at Tiffany's proved it. Try this revamp of the repetitive Risky Business costume and learn how to make the sleep mask and earplugs here!

90's Witch (The Craft):

Being a schoolgirl for Halloween is so overdone. The Craft is a timeless and cool witch movie that takes the schoolgirl look to an elevated and punk level. A 90's goth makeup look, rosaries and layered necklaces, with a touch of "Taking over the world with my coven by my side" energy is all you need to take on a "twitches with a cool girl" vibe. 

A Little Black Dress

The Dancing Girls Emoji:

For the friends that just can't show up on time but will always arrive in style together, try out this costume for a crowd-pleasing twin moment. And don't forget to dance the night away! 

A "Cool Cat": 

I'm not a cat, I'm a "cool cat". Pair a black dress with a fuzzy top or sweater, and black boots to create a chic and relaxed costume.  

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