Just a True Taylor Swift Fan

Hey Huffington Post, imma let you finish, but Taylor Swift is one of the greatest artists of all time.

She was there to say exactly what you wanted to during your tween breakups, and she’s still here today as one of the most, if not the most, iconic female artists. Taylor Swift is an inspiration. From “Our Song” to “Shake It Off” Taylor Swift hasn’t changed, except for the fact she has become bigger and better than ever. Isn’t it a shame people hate that?

Yes, when Taylor Swift really broke out in the music industry, she was an adorable country star with curly blonde hair, singing away her real life boy problems and life experiences from high school. She got a lot of criticism for that. For being “boy obsessed” and that “crazy ex-girlfriend” yet, billions of girls everywhere looked up to her and used her music as an outlet as they considered her to be an artist who understood how they felt. Underneath every girl is a little bit of crazy and a lot of a daydreamer—and the desire to be able to vocalize it like Taylor Swift does.

There was a song for every emotion felt after your first love left you heart broken.

After you wanted to burn his picture.

And of course, when it began again.

What don’t people get about that?

It’s ironic how an artist like Taylor Swift who encompasses so much talent, is ridiculed at all. Of course, not everyone is going to like an artist but what I, and other "swifties" don’t understand is, why is it wrong to sing about life experiences, and so what if some include ex -boyfriends? If you don’t want a song written about you, don’t do bad things. Taylor established that concept in 2009. Why can other artists rap and sing about females like they are a piece of meat, like it’s completely OK to be degrading and disgusting? It shouldn’t be the norm.

Luckily, the music industry is finally giving Taylor Swift the credit she deserves as she racks up the awards at every awards show, despite the misconception that “all of her songs are about breakups.” They’re not—it’s just an excuse to justify what really isn’t even justifiable. Taylor Swift is so much more than a singer, she tells a story, she is passionate about her fans, and to me, is going to go down in history for the music industry. But with more fame, comes even more hate and this is where the awful review by Mark Carpowich from The Huffington Post comes in.

Her music has swayed from her small romances, to more of her life as an adult and what she loves. That would be weird if the twenty-five-year-old sang about the things she cared about when she was fifteen, and there would also be no room for growth. She moved to New York, just like we all wish we could pack up and do, but did you know she also provided her parents with a new house too? Ugh, she is just so terrible.

She has not changed, and I guarantee she still holds a vast majority of the same fans she started with because of this.

Taylor Swift’s music doesn’t promote sex, drugs, violence, alcohol, and all the mainstream topics that are aired on the radio today, and for that she stands out. She’s a good role model for young girls, which can be difficult to find in entertainment- which is unfortunate. Yet, just because she is growing up into a different artist musically wise, she is still criticized.

I’ve stuck by Taylor Swift since she began her career because she has always stayed true to herself, not because she only sang country. While this means she didn't stay in the same genre of music, and isn’t still in cowboy boots playing her ukulele, she’s still inspiring and staying true to her values and her fans even after all the arising fame.

“The singer's empowering words may still be present at her concerts -- where a vast majority of tickets are face-value priced in triple digits, by the way, making them less than easily accessible to the less-well-off fans she purports to represent -- but her deeds say something else.”-The Huffington Post

She cares, but how can she personally touch a billion fans? I’d like to see you please the world. My friend unfortunately got cancer and could not attend her Speak Now concert in 2011, Taylor sent her a video saying I hope she feels better-it did not go viral, which I'm sure was not Taylor's initial intent in the first place. It’s not a "popularity contest", it is a way to reach as wide of a range of fans as possible.

Her strong connection with her fans makes you feel like her BFF. She’s constantly reaching out on social media, donating, and surprising Swifties worldwide. Just because she surrounds herself with “only with other rich, famous and powerful women” doesn’t mean anything different? That’s a bit judgmental for someone to say who doesn’t know any of Taylor’s squad on a personal level (like we wish we all did). You can judge celebrities all you want on how rich and famous they are, but being rich and famous does not make them bad people.

The Huffington Post said, “Swift may present the non-catty illusion of promoting feminism by (very publicly) socializing with other females, but of the revolving door of guest stars who have joined her on stage at various tour stops thus far, all were familiar faces; none were unknowns looking for a break. Good for Swift for inviting the U.S. Women's World Cup soccer team on stage over the weekend, but where was their invitation when they were just a bunch of scrappy athletes, and not world champions being honored with a New York ticker-tape parade?

Hey, Huffington Post, why ya gotta be so mean?

Is Taylor supposed to hang out with the ‘average joe’ and invite them on tour? That’s a very unrealistic perspective, because if that were the case, a lot of fans would be having heart attacks! And by a lot, I mean all of us. Of course Taylor hangs out with other powerful woman because she is one herself. She dedicates a lot more to her fans than other artists do, and it’s a dangerous world to take the risk of being around people when you hold that much fame. Instead of looking at the glass half empty, look at if half full Mr. Carpowich. I’m sure the US. Women’s World Cup soccer team were ecstatic, as well as Taylor Swift.

On a side note, her concerts are unbelievable, (and I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge fan). Her sets, phenomenal dancers, and her ability to perform live is incomparable to any other artist. She’s included a guest artist every night on her 1989 tour! It’s so awesome that she is sharing the stage with other celebrities and showcasing them throughout her tour. Why isn’t this situation looked at positively?

“The fact that various mainstream media outlets are ranking her friends tells her young fans that it's better to pursue friendships with the established, rich and famous, not the quirky, awkward and anonymous.”

Huffington Post, did you forget “Fifteen” was written about Abigail Anderson, Taylor’s best friend since high school? I forgot how much you knew about her personal relationships with every single friend, and that Instagram and other social media platforms are an accurate measure of friendship.

We all died a little bit inside after she wrote a very personal post to her fans on Tumblr explaining Momma Swift had cancer. It’s just the little things. She’s not a washed-up star who comes off fake and conceited. Taylor Swift carries herself in a classy manner and isn’t afraid of humiliation, I mean really, have you seen any of her Tweets or Instagram pictures? How could you not love her goofiness (and cats) and the fact she is down-to-earth?

People either love her or hate her for it, just like anything else in society. But I adore her for it!

You are lying to yourself if you haven’t caught yourself singing a Taylor Swift song and dancing around, and if you haven’t then you must have tried really hard to hold it in. What makes her music that much better is the fact she writes it all.

I adore her for being who she is, she’s someone to admire and always jam to. She’s just like all of us. And even though I will never have the pleasure of meeting her, I’m glad she changes the face of music to something fun and writes lyrics worth listening to.

“She may be everything you want your daughter to become. Just remember that, if she truly grows up to be like Taylor, the day will probably come when she simply won't know you anymore.”- The Huffington Post

You’re right, they’ll know someone better.