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Happy one-year anniversary, honey! I’m beyond thankful that I said yes to being your girlfriend a year ago. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side. Each day with you has been amazing. You’ve made me smile and laugh through every single moment we spend together. This article is for you, my love.

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I remember when we were still in the friendship phase. We’d listen to music, walk to campus events and catch the sunrise. The more time we spent together, the more our feelings for each other grew. Later, on Sunday, January 26, 2020, you told me how you felt. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling on that day. It’s a moment I’ll never forget! 

Since that day, we’ve grown so much together. You’re not only my boyfriend, but you’re also my best friend. There are so many amazing memories we’ve made, all of which I cherish. Catching the sunrise, going for walks, listening to music and watching our favorite movies are among my favorites. There are endless wonderful moments with you though, babe.

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Thank you for being the best boyfriend ever, John! You’re always caring, thoughtful, understanding, a great listener and so much more. You never fail to make me laugh, even on the hard days. When either of us is having a bad day, we know that we can turn to each other. You always know exactly how to cheer me up.

It still amazes me that I found such an amazing guy like you. I’m so blessed to have you, John. We’ve reached one year, and there are many more to go. Today, we celebrate a year of making each other smile and laugh, jamming to good music and going on fun dates. Happy one-year anniversary, my one and only! I love you with all my heart!



P.S. I still have a crush on you.

Deanna is a senior majoring in English Creative Writing at UCF. After graduation, she plans to pursue an editorial job with a magazine company. When she's not writing or studying, she loves dancing, listening to music, and watching scary movies.
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