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It’s All About Jordan Fisher

“It’s just me; it’s Just Jordan” simply explains why Jordan Fisher is a star. It is just self-evident. It’s just who he is, take it or leave it; however, I highly suggest that you grasp it immediately so you’re not out of the loop when everyone and there mother knows about Fisher and his music and you don’t. Make sure you don’t become a victim of FOMO, and read my interview with Fisher, where we break down who he is as an artist, self-encompassing emoji and who his biggest music influences are!

Her Campus UCF (HCUCF): I am loving your new EP (stream) right now, #JordanEP! What do you want existing fans and potential fans to get out of your self-titled EP (download)?

Jordan Fisher (JF): It’s the first EP off of my project. It’s the introduction, the first time you shake the audience’s hand and say “Hello” and that to me, is super important. The first impression is all about getting your point across right off the bat and express what my narrative is. I want to set this up so I can pursue this for a really, really long time, developing a foundation that a long lasting career can stand on. I think I allow things to grow naturally and organically, and hope that is recognized in my EP. The EP is just four songs; it is the introduction to the full length album. I really wanted the EP to be the four corners of what I want my music to sound like, sonically. I think it introduces myself as an artist, the right way, with the pop, soulful anthems, the funky, dancey tracks, the more laidback, sexy songs that help people get a glimmer of who I am and want to be as an artist. I think this helps the fans and potential fans get a taste of who I am, without giving it all away, so there is always something new to learn about me.

HCUCF: Yeah, I think you have to keep people on their toes a little bit so they keep coming back for more, and I think you did that with your single, “All About Us”. Obviously it has been a huge success, making it to Top 40. What are some Top 40 artists you are a fan of or are your influences?

JF: I’m a massive fan of Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande and Justin Timberlake. But without a doubt, Justin Timberlake is my #1! I have studied him for as long as I can remember. Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Usher have been my four pinnacles of influence. I think artists who really revolutionized Pop and R&B are the ones who had a major impact on my music style.

HCUCF: I love Troye Sivan so much! On another note, in the “All About Us” music video, you show off some killer dance moves that reminded me of Chris Brown and Usher. So I was wondering, have you always enjoyed dancing or was it something you picked up on to go along with your sound?

JF: Wow, thank you so much! I’ve always, always loved dancing. I picked up acting, singing and dancing all on the same day in the 5th grade. Over a decade ago, there was a girl who I had a crush one who joined the drama club, so naturally I joined the drama club and ever since then I’ve been hooked on all three. I was gymnast for a long time, so that helped with understanding my body. But dance has always been part of my artistry and that’s why I wanted to introduce it early.

HCUCF: So, I saw that you attended this year’s iHeartRadio music festival and I was living vicariously through your and other artists’ Instagram posts documenting the festivities. Since you were in attendance, I wanted to know what was your personal favorite performance or who was the coolest person you met while there?

JF: That’s funny that you mentioned that! I actually met and connected with Dr. Oz, which was totally random. We ended up becoming good buddies, exchanged information and I’m going to have dinner with him and his family when I go to New York. We really clicked and he happens to be close friends with Elvis Duran from Z100, and he is is the one who introduced us. Performance wise, all of the performances were incredible, but Sting really did it for me! I have never seen him live before, but I’ve always been a huge fan of him and the Police, so that was a moment for me. The dude is inspiring and so talented.

HCUCF: As a long time fan of Grease, I was really excited to see that you were part of Grease Live! With that in mind, what was one moment that really stood out from that experience that you will remember forever or what was one of your favorite moments?

JF: The thing that really stood out to me, and I think the cast would agree, was the dynamic. We fell in love with each other on day one, and unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. It is a rarity that the entire cast all love each other and want to hang out and talk to each other all the time. Even months and months afterwards, the dynamic is still there. We were really fortunate to create that bond within us and we are very thankful for it. The opportunity was once in a lifetime and we will always all cherish one another on a completely different level.

HCUCF: That’s awesome that you guys are all a family, even today! I have kind of an off topic, but fun question right now. So, if you could describe yourself in one emoji, what would it be?

JF: Hmmm… it would have to be the cup of coffee emoji. I mean… I feel like it’s pretty self-explanatory; I’m addicted. I’m drinking it right now; I run off of coffee. My team can attest to that I am always drinking it.

HCUCF: It’s National Coffee Day, so that’s fitting and I survive off of coffee, too! Anyways, I saw that you performed at this year’s Apple Music Festival with so many iconic artists, like Elton John, Alicia Keys, and one of my personal favorite artists, The 1975. What was it like to be surrounded by so much talent? Were you nervous?

JF: SAME, I love The 1975! It was surreal to be surrounded by all these people. I’ve been religiously watching that festival for the past eight years and I’ve been obsessed with the idea of being part of it. It has been a very specific task on my bucket list, so it was so amazing that it happened! Being able to go to London for the very first time, along with the venue, the Roundhouse, was a dream come true. I am very familiar with the look, aesthetic and atmosphere of the Roundhouse so it was, so cool to be there. And then to see my favorite band, The 1975, perform at the Roundhouse the night before I go on, knowing I’m the very next artist going on that stage, was an incredible feeling. I was so present and it was such an eye-opening, inspiring trip. And frankly, if I may, every moment of that trip and show just felt right. And no, I wasn’t nervous. I tend to not get nervous because I know I prepared and prepped so hard that when I get out there, I just have fun with it.

HCUCF: I would love to go to that festival one day! On another note, what are three things you absolutely cannot live without?

JF: My family, my dog and my friends. I’m a very community-oriented person. I love my family, my dog and my friends. I would do absolutely anything for a handful of people in my life and I think that is really special. I also don’t think blood makes family, so I would do anything for the people who are always there for me. They keep me going, leveled and my spirits high. My dog does the same thing, too! I just can’t, I can’t function without them.

HCUCF: You’re really lucky to have the support system, especially in the music industry. Speaking of that, a lot of artists come and go, but what is something about you, Jordan Fisher, that makes you different from everyone else, that will make people remember you and listen to your music for years to come?

JF: That’s a great question! I think the key is timelessness. Artists like Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey have all been able to take a platform in this business, where the shelf life tends to be shorter, and find a way to roll with the times in an authentic way. It’s just who they are, and that to me is a good chunk of the definition of timelessness. That, right there, is what I’ve been chasing. I’ve been working at that early on and I’ve been perfecting my craft for the past ten years, developing my brand and who I am as an artist. From the beginning, I’ve said I know I want to do this forever and that hasn’t changed. I’m a decade into this and it still hasn’t changed, which I think definitely says something. To me, I think it’s about building a foundation for my career that will hopefully rest on longevity. My dedication to do that early on will set me apart, and hopefully it already does. But, as long as I make music that I’m passionate about and people enjoy it, too, then I believe that is success. The fact that I get to do what I love everyday and make a living off of it is success. I think I’ve already found that, which is great, but I want to do this for forever. I want to do this until the day I don’t want to anymore, but I don’t see that happening ever.

HCUCF: So, I hear a new album is in the works for 2017. What can we expect from this album?  

JF: Oh my god… that’s really hard to put into words and articulate it. Again, I’ve wanted to do this for a really long time and I’ve definitely taken the time to make something I am proud of. I’m proud of the content, narrative, tracks, structuring of the songs and sound! I’m just very excited to share it with everyone!

If you adored Jordan after reading my interview with him as much as I enjoyed interviewing him, and you want to cyberstalk him like me, here is everything you need to know:






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