It’s Time to Stop Sleeping on RuPaul’s Christmas Albums

Humanity is really only separated into two categories: those who like Christmas music and those who spend December hiding in an abandoned coal mine and plugging their ears. Well, it’s time to rejoin society, folks, because RuPaul has three Christmas albums and everyone’s been sleeping on them. Step aside Mariah, here’s why you don’t need to listen to anything else this month:  

The Classics are Tired

I understand, tradition is comforting, and it’s nice to cuddle by the fire and be lulled to sleep by the dulcet tones of Michael Bublé. But sometimes I’m trying to party with friends or make a fool of myself on the dance floor, and “Jingle Bells” is not helping me live my best life. RuPaul revamps the classics and adds some pop, funk and gospel beats that are perfect for all occasions, wholesome and not.

There’s a Song for Every Mood

RuPaul is obviously multitalented, and all of her albums reflect that. Looking for a funny parody song? Ru’s got you (I recommend “All I Want for Christmas” on the 1997 album Ho Ho Ho). Want to be uplifted? Turn to Mama Ru. Basically, whoever you are, from a Christmas Queen to a modern Scrooge, there is something on here for you.

You Can Redefine Christmas for Yourself

During one of the interludes on the album Slay Belles, Ru talks about how she used to hate Christmas before she redefined it for herself. This is a large message across all of drag: that it’s ok to walk away from tradition and find your own definitions of family, expression and holiday. Maybe the holidays are not a great time for you. Some people out there have no family to return to, or a family that doesn’t accept them for who they are. We all have struggles that do not magically disappear once the first snow falls and the lights go up. To those of you out there who feel more lost and lonely during these times than most, these albums are written specifically for you. They all carry the message that you can find love and family anywhere, even, and especially, within yourself. So have a Merry Christmas, Mary!

Images: Hero123