iPhone Review: 5 New Noticeable Specs of the iPhone XS Max

Have you gotten your hands on one of the recently released iPhones? Yes, they’re $1,000, and most people normally don’t want one now since they’re hot on the market, but this year, I decided to pre-order one to replace my iPhone 7 Plus. I was too excited about the new phones this year and got googly eyes for the iPhone XS Max. After having it for the past few days, I can truthfully inform you of at least five new things that are included on this phone that are different from all of Apple’s previous phones:

1.  A maximum amount of storage

Apple has developed a new maximum amount of storage for the XS Max. Without researching it, take a guess at how many gigabytes these new phones now hold.

I’m sure you weren’t able to guess it anyway. The answer is 512 hefty gigabytes.

I’m sorry… who needs that much storage?

I guess if you’re a photographer then it makes sense. Which is another new thing about this phone…

2. Exceptional camera quality

Because it has “larger and deeper pixels,” “new secondary frames,” and an enhanced “bokeh” effect (thank you Apple for the details), the iPhone XS Max’s retina display on its camera is amazing. Incredible. Impressive. Anyway, there’s also portrait mode on the front camera. Not sure if that was ever a thing on the iPhone X, but I didn’t have it before, and I’m amazed.

3. Screen size is the biggest it's ever been

Since this phone is pretty much an iPhone X enhanced and at a bigger size, the screen is now 6.5 inches across, making this phone the biggest screen display Apple has put on a phone. Next to my old iPhone 7 Plus, the phones are about the same size and relative weight, with the exception of the XS Max being slightly more lightweight—except the screen is obviously more spacious. Because of this, it provides a better and more clear display.

4. A new gold color

When I preordered my iPhone, I didn’t order the new stainless steel gold color that most others are hyped about. I haven’t had a silver-backed iPhone in years and decided the silver finish was suitable for me and my aesthetic. But looking at the gold that Apple developed for the phone, it has a shinier finish to it and is reflective. Very beautifully designed.

5. A12 bionic chip

This new feature is supposed to speed up the performance of the phone as well as use less power. While it isn’t immediately obvious, I have been paying attention to the efficiency and performance of the phone, and it seems sublime—nothing short of any of my expectations. I do love a good speedy phone though.

After about half a week, I can proudly tell you that the iPhone XS Max really is quite amazing. Whether it’s worth the $1,000 will be up to you, but if you love the newest devices, cameras, and developments, this iPhone would be a match for you.

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