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Introducing Your New Music Hotspot: Moosic Discovery

When we think about who inspires us the most, I think we could all say it’s the people closest to us. They show us the amount of opportunity there is by creating a diverse environment filled with many types of self-identities. However, one specific music-lover decided to take his identity as a professional music listener to the next level and create a website by the name of Moosic Discovery. The result? A one-stop-shop that showcases new artists and hand-picked curated playlists.

Moosic Discovery is a website for those looking to widen their music horizon and discover new artists along the way. Even though the writers at Moosic Discovery are just a group of friends venting about their favorite new-found artists, you get an authentic review of exactly why an artist is more than just a person making an album. This is what Jose Pyrex — founder of Moosic — had in mind when first creating the website.

 “Listening to music is the very reason that I even wanted to get into the music business in the first place. It is an art that we take for granted and one I can’t perform, so I guess I’ll just write about it instead,” Jose said.


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After years of giving his friends music recommendations, Pyrex has managed to take his passion into a full-on working website. When asked how this idea came to be, he said that mood-based playlists – left unshuffled and listened to in order – was the initial purpose. However, Moosic Discovery has evolved into a place that puts local and less recognized artists front and center. But Pyrex isn’t a fan of labels and sees Moosic as a vulnerable approach to music.

“Moosic also serves another purpose: [to] establish such a real and personal connection with the reader, that you feel as if your friend just sent you an iMessage bible verse review of a band she heard on her​ Discover Weekly ​that day. By that, I mean that Moosic isn’t a place to sound pretentious or heavily dissect music, it is a place for music lovers to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly music,​ in a way that any seventh-grader can understand and be like ‘oh, cool,'” Pyrex said.

Moosic Discovery has managed to get a total of 4,000 monthly visits on their website, opening the doors to various opportunities like teaming up with Perime Magazine for a pop-up store in Boston. From FaceTiming Peach Pit to receiving a like from Baker, they’ve taken every little accomplishment as a triumph. But, when asked about their biggest accomplishment, Pyrex said that the website in itself was what he was most proud of. From a simple playlist Pyrex made one day to a website that has raised over $200 for causes such as social equality, immigration, and aiding countries in crisis, Moosic Discovery embodies a passion project full of music-lovers with a dream to dip their feet into the vast ocean that is the music industry.

Check out Moosic Discovery along on their journey as they move their headquarters (which consists of a desk, laptop, and a group of friends in a cramped apartment) to New York City. The next time you need new music for new beginnings or for your corona blues, check out their playlists @moosicdiscovery on Spotify or Apple Music; you’ll thank yourself later. Shoutout to my friend Jose Pyrex, who has created a website that embodies the nights of emotional car drives accompanied by a close friend that keeps the tunes rolling.

Isabel Vila is a junior majoring in Advertising/Public Relations. She was born in Puerto Rico but raised in South Florida most of her life. You can catch her watching The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, looking at upcoming fashion trends, or being with friends and family. You can keep up with Isabel through her instagram @isabel_vila.
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